Define the conversion methods of JPG to PDF and PDF to JPG

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Converting JPG TO PDF

On saving any image into your mobile or desktop, its format automatically gets converted into the jpg. For converting this jpg format into pdf, you need to adopt a different method based on the type of device you are using. So, let’s discuss some methods of JPG to PDF conversion one by one for all sorts of devices.

Converting jpg to pdf on Android

The simplest way of converting jpg to pdf on Android is to use web-based tools like jpg to pdf converter or Google play store applications. Besides downloading an all-new conversion tool, you can also utilize Google photos for this purpose.

Most of the android devices come with a pre-installed version of Google photos. If your device doesn’t have this application, you can download it for free from the play store.

On downloading the app, all the jpg files of your device will start to appear there. Choose the jpg image you want to convert into pdf. After selecting the image, go to the three-dot icon, present at the upper right corner. On clicking the three-dot option, click on the print button.

An option showing saves as pdf will appear on pressing select the printer button. Rename your new pdf file and save it to the desired location.

Converting jpg to pdf on Apple devices

On the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see a separate photos app with a multicolored flower icon. Open it and tap the photos you want to change into pdf. Keep holding the photo until a menu appears. Tap on the print button and have a preview of the image.

After getting the preview, go to the share option and press on the saves to file option. In some models of iPhone, you have to drag the main menu upward to get this option. However, on tapping there, you’ll be asked to choose the location where you want to save the pdf.

If you want to get this pdf in iCloud, choose and tap the subfolder to direct the file. After selecting the saving location, click on the save button displaying at the top right side of the screen.

Converting jpg to pdf on windows

Go to the photo section of your desktop and open the photo of interest. To select the image, double-click over it. Similarly, if you want to convert multiple jpg images into pdf, select all of them at once by clicking the option select all. To select some images, click the select icon present at the top right corner and tap on the images you want to add in pdf.

After selecting an image of interest, click on the print button. On tapping this button, a drop-down menu will appear. From there, select MS print to PDF and you will be presented with a preview. While converting multiple images at once, it’s better to go through the preview to check how each image is looking.

In the end, press the print button, rename your pdf file, choose the preferred save location, and click save.

Converting PDF to JPG

Converting pdf to jpg using Adobe

Open your pdf document in the main tab of Adobe Acrobat pro. Once it gets opened, click on the file button present on the upper left side of the screen. On selecting it, the drag-down icon will expand from where you need to tap on save as. On tapping it, another window will appear.

From there choose an imageand then a jpeg. Lastly, select a saving folder or adjust the quality of jpg by the setting option. When you are finished with editing, press on save button and your converted pdf will be directed to the chosen location on your device.

Converting pdf to jpg on Android and windows

On converting a pdf file into jpg while using a pdf to jpg converter, you need to get help from web-based tools. Enter Spinpdf in the search bar and enter the website.

After entering the site, switch toward the PDF TO JPG option to trigger conversion. On entering the tool page, you will see a choose file option. You can drag your file and drop it directly into the box or upload it from the drive.

After selecting the pdf folder, it will start uploading over the platform automatically. Once this uploading is completed, the tool will convert and process the entire file readily. The entire conversion will take a few seconds, after which, you can save the jpg file to your device. You can use the same method for getting done with pdf conversion on windows.

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