Future Tech-Savvy Superheroes
Future Tech-Savvy Superheroes

With such a massive volume of data being generated on a daily basis, there are a few points to ponder:

  • Where is that data get stored?
  • How is that data get processed?
  • Who is making that data useful for us?

Killing your curiosity, the approximate value of data being generated per day is 2.5 quintillion bytes (a count of 18 zeros). Now, it’s quite interesting that not every bit of data is useful, but at the same time, you have to have a complete set of data to extract some useful information out of it. A number of data science algorithms have been developed that easily separate useful elements from a stack of data, but we are still struggling to overcome the unwavering challenge in the name of human development.

The matter is on a global scale. However, with each moment passing by, we are moving one step closer to something known as the unknown. Call it fate, luck, or whatever you want, but we’ve seen how poorly things are managed when it comes to the actual use of technology. And there is no one to blame because that’s how nature plays its dice.

So, having a plethora of data in our storage, we have a group of IT freaks who are famous for dealing with the data. They are known as Data Scientists. Why I called them “The Tech-Savvy Superheroes” is associated with the three questions mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Data Storage

There are data centers available in multiple countries where big data is stored. Some big names include China Telecom, QTS Atlanta Metro, and Switch SuperNAP. All these data centers cover millions of square feet of land as well as the sea through cable networks. For example, China Telecom is 10.7 million sq. ft. located in Hong Kong.

Now assume that how fast data processing is needed when you are receiving unlimited data every second. That’s why the field of Data Science popped out that solely deals with the data we all are producing. From social media to online shopping, there is no curb that limits your usage of generating data.

Data Processing

Once you have stored the big data, you are now well equipped from the only item that was keeping you from processing the data. It’s more than logical that one must need a tool that can automate the whole process because of the gigantic magnitude of the data. That’s true, but things are not smart enough yet to go one step ahead of humans. That’s why data scientists have 2 major responsibilities in making this world a better place to live:

Build Algorithms:

According to the nature of data, a data scientist reads data patterns and devises algorithms to make the best out of that data.

Identify Problems:

From the business perspective, a data scientist identifies issues and proposes viable solutions. A data scientist plays an important in a company’s overall decision-making process.

There are several steps included in the whole handling of big data. These steps are Data Receiving, Data Preparation, Data Processing, Data Communication, Data Output, and Data Storage.

The whole cycle apparently looks something ordinary, but in reality, when you start getting alien-type data, then you will understand why data scientists are the tech-savvy superheroes of the future.

Data Scientists

These people are making the survival of IT industries less complicated. And on the contrary, the more we advance in technology, the more risk we are about to face. And that risk is the unknown. From spending time on social media to reading the best product reviews to make your e-commerce experience successful, we never know how we are giving away the data that was supposed to be kept private. And on top of that, the manipulation from the online world is severely affecting our mindset.

Being a data scientist is not easy. Every sunrise brings a new challenge because of the unstoppable data generation by humans. And it’s a never-ending loop, better to call it a directly proportional relation. The more technological advancement we see, the more data we will generate.

Thus, from a professional point of view, a data scientist gets an opportunity to evolve every other day. It’s more than a profession because the way it broadens the thought process and the ability to cater to novel business problems, not everyone is capable of handling all that fuss. Therefore, it’s an opportunity for the young brains to equip themselves with the very skill and become tech-savvy superheroes to save the world.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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