Does Apple replace iPhones with new ones?

iPhones with new ones

Is iPhone damaged? Is your iPhone have a smashed display screen, defective battery, or water harm? Get it to Apple to fix, replace, refund, or update it, probably for free of cost. The screen would possibly be cracked or damaged once it slip-ups from hand, or the battery would possibly begin to drain more speedily than you would need. It happens to potentially anyone.

Whatever goes wrong with your iPhone, the question is: Does Apple replace iPhones with new ones?

This article will assist you to discover the replacement programs provided by Apple, and the different choices you have for your iPhone issues.

Replacement Guides:

If the sound is not coming from the speaker the easy way to fix it is to simply update the software. Sometimes it is because of fluff which are in headphone ports. However, you can have confidence that if your iPhone has manufacturing defect Apple will replace it(Telefoon reparatie spijkenisse). Apple clarifies on its site that for a faulty battery Apple has a 1-year limited warranty which includes the replacement coverage. With the help of iPhone’s AppleCare+ plan, you can expand your replacement coverage for two years from the date you buy your iPhone. 

During the coverage period, if the battery of your iPhone falls below 50% of its initial capacity, then Apple will surely replace it for nothing. For the scratches, Apple will not replace your iPhone’s screen. Therefore, for the new screen, you have to pay £90. 

The number one reason why people rush to the apple store is repairing a cracked screen of their iPhone or to claim for replacement. Apple has a set up to fix your iPhone, but it’s not free therefore you have to pay for that. However, if you have AppleCare+ plan then to replace a damaged screen you have to pay £25. But if its warranty is expired then things can begin to get costly.

Sometimes there is a fault in software not in hardware. The reason behind your iPhone crashing is a software error. What you need to do is to make sure that you have reset your iPhone and update the software. Apple offers troubleshooting advice you can simply fix the problem by following those steps. 

Ways to get iPhone replaced or fixed:

You can send your phone to Apple for repairing or to take iPhone to Apple store. Please ensure the phone is backed up before you are taking it to the store. 

Launch your request for help at You can also call on (44) 0844 209 0611 for customer services. A range of troubleshooting questions will welcome you that can resolve your issues. The second option is to send your iPhone for service, contact Apple support, make a reservation, call them to tell your problem, and ask for a solution. 

Can I be a part of Apple’s free replacement/repair programs?

Yes, but only a specific Apple product is eligible for free replacement or repair. This situation occurs when Apple recognizes a critical issue in a specific model or product and declares a free fix/replacement package.

If your iPhone has an active warranty and is eligible for getting repair services then you will not pay repair charges.

Does Apple replace my iPhone with a newer one?

If you’re under warranty(phone repair shop coventry), Apple will repair your defective iPhone, but you’re unlikely to get a newer model. You should remember that your replacement iPhone might not be new: it is probably repaired. But that won’t affect your phone’s warranty. However, fixed or replaced iPhones have a ninety-day limited warranty of the hardware.

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