Features of Dangerous Goods Container for Storing & Transportation

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Various goods are stored in ordinary warehouses and shipped in neat packages. However, if you are dealing with commercial hazardous goods, materials, or chemicals, you need to take extra precautions while storing and transporting them. Dangerous goods container provides safe storage and transportation for hazardous goods and chemicals. The national standards require you to label, classify, pack and transport such dangerous goods in containers.

What Is Dangerous Goods Container

Dangerous Goods containers are used to store and transport hazardous materials. These containers are designed in such a way that it ensures maximum safety for you, your employees, and the public at large. For example, the dangerous goods container is equipped with ventilation outlets with steel flooring. Adding to the safety measure, these containers have safety door handles with locks fitted. 

The dangerous goods container is solid and durable, which can withstand all types of weather. These provide a secure transit protecting all types of hazardous items, which is required for the well being and protection of the operators and public. 

The Features of A dangerous goods container You Must Check

  • You must ensure that these containers have the proper ventilation as some of the products require a little ventilation while in store and transport.
  • The flooring should be a web forged galvanized steel flooring. Any leakage or spillage goes straight through the floor, which can be drained out from a ball valve located externally. 
  • The ball valves are located externally, outside the container to drain out spillage or leakage. Multiple ball valves can be very helpful if you need to drain out only from one end of the container. The arrangement of ball valves can vary with different sizes. 
  • An essential safety feature you must check is inside of a dangerous goods container. In case you accidentally get locked in, the safety handles allow you to open the containers.
  • You must ensure to check that the electrical equipments inside the containers are explosion-proof. If you are transporting any hazardous materials, there shouldn’t be any reactions to the electrical inside the containers. 
  • You must ensure to check insulation and air conditioning controls. This can provide additional safety if in case some materials require to be stored at specific temperature. 
  • If you are going to equip an enormous container, you must select the one with overhead crane systems to avoid carrying and repositioning heavy items. 
  • Like any customization for containers, bigger containers can be customized to have different rooms too. This may become useful if your business is dealing with multiple items. 

Why You Need To Use Dangerous Goods Containers

If you are running a business that deals with potentially hazardous goods, you need to well equip yourself with  dangerous goods containers. These containers can likewise be utilized for other commercial items like oil, thinners, paints, transportation, and storage. Additionally, different types of sizes are available to match your need. If you require a custom-sized container and welding inside of these containers, this can be done as well. 

It Would Be Best If You Use Such Containers for the Following Reasons

  • To avoid risks and damages while transporting hazardous goods and materials. 
  • For storage of dangerous goods and materials.
  • To protect the people, their property, and the environment. 


Dangerous goods containers provide proper safety to transportation and storage of potentially hazardous elements. These containers are best used to minimize the risks and damages to people, their property, and the environment around us. If your business deals with hazardous elements, it is best advised to be equipped with these containers.

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