In today’s modern world, the importance of packaging boxes is increased to a great deal. Nowadays, customers remain focused on the product packaging design and style while shopping rather than on its quality and the maker’s name. In this scenario, Custom Rigid Boxes play an important role.

These boxes are utilized by top makers and brands to give extra worth to their products. The rigid building material is more expensive as compared to cardboard and Kraft paperboard materials but the grace and beauty it provides to the boxes are far more than the others.

This is why modern-era manufacturing brands utilize these boxes to enhance the worth of their products. When customers see the products packed in these amazing boxes their emotions get invigorated to such an extent that they get forced to buy that item. This helps the brands in increasing their product sales and consequently their profit margins as well.

Custom Rigid Boxes in Sleeve-Tray Style: –

Rigid boxes can be developed in different shapes and styles according to the needs and requirements of a product. Sleeve tray rigid boxes are one of those styles that is very popular among modern-day manufacturers. 

These boxes are created in two separate structures. Both those structures work together to form one elegant packaging box. The main structure comprises a big compartment in which the product is placed. These compartments come with different types of inserts as well. If multiple products are going to be placed in it then separators are used in these compartments.

Firm building material in the form of rigid material keeps hold of these compartments in their perfect shape and design for a long period. The product placed in them remains protected and intact as well till it reaches the customer’s hand.

The second part of these Custom Rigid Boxes comprises a sleeve. This sleeve works as a cover of the compartment. The compartment moves inside this sleeve and makes the look of the enclosed product extremely elegant and beautiful for the onlookers. 

Most of the printing on the box is also done on their sleeve. Customized artworks can be printed on them to give them an eye-catching and alluring look. The rigid material is not easily printable, this is why a printed paper of top quality is pasted on the walls of the sleeves. This printed paper can also be pasted on the outer and inner walls of the compartment according to the desires of the makers. 

2 Piece Rigid Boxes: –

Piece Rigid Boxes

Another amazing design in rigid material is the 2 piece lid boxes. These boxes add extra value to the enclosed product due to their elegant and graceful look. Top makers and brands utilize these boxes to improve the attractiveness and appeal of their products. 

These lid boxes are mostly utilized by the makers who are producing expensive and precious products because they give them an exquisite and eye-catching look. The rigid lid boxes can be designed in different styles. Fully telescoping and partial telescoping are the main styles of these boxes.

In fully telescopic lid boxes, the whole box gets covered with the lid. The inner compartment holds the product and then it is covered with a lid that covers the whole compartment. These boxes hold the enclosed products in a perfect shape and form.

Similarly, partial telescopic boxes come with lids that do not cover the whole compartment. The main compartment holds the product in it. It comes with inserts or dividers in it. Inserts are normally die-cut into the shapes of a product in which the product gets fit in. When the product is placed in those inserts, it starts giving a mesmerizing look to the customers. A lid covers this container to finalize its design.

In Custom Rigid Boxes with a fully telescopic design, most of the printing is done on the lids of the boxes as they cover the whole container. Whereas in partial telescopic rigid boxes half of the printing is done on the lids while the remaining part is printed on the compartment of the box which remains uncovered from the lid.

Custom Rigid Boxes in Window Style: –  

In today’s modern era, the demand for window-style boxes has increased to a great deal. It is due to their great utility and efficiency. The window boxes allow the makers to present their products excitingly in front of their customers.

These boxes are created with the help of die-cutting techniques. This technique allows the designers to create a small window in the boxes in different shapes and designs. This window allows the customers to have little glimpses of an enclosed product. These little glimpses encourage the customers to buy a product.  

Custom Rigid Boxes in window style are highly in demand from the modern-era manufacturers. These boxes work perfectly as a marketing tool for their products and help in attracting more customers. The printing of these boxes with customized artworks further improves their beauty and attractiveness. The windows of these boxes are normally covered with PVC plastic sheets. These sheets are also printed with the brand logo and name for branding purposes. 

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