Types of Custom Printed Lanyards & Its Uses

Custom printed lanyards

The lanyards are quite inexpensive item yet they can serve as a great equipment to promote your brand. There are varieties of materials found in lanyards. You can choose the type of lanyard you want from any professional lanyard manufacturer. Considering its rising popularity, companies are offering custom made lanyards. So, you can choose the printing you want on the lanyard after choosing its material quality. The manufacturer will add the printing on the lanyard before delivering it to you.

Why this simple equipment has garnering so much popularity all over the world? This might be question bothering you. So, let us tell you that lanyard serves a great purpose in promoting a company’s name. The human brain functions in a certain way that the more we see it the more we trust it. So, using the lanyards and providing them to your employees will make other people see the brand name every day. Indirectly it helps to promote your business in a cold way. That is the reason why custom printed lanyards are becoming so popular these days.

There are 5 types of lanyard available online. Let’s take a look at their uses and importance,

1.Polyester Lanyard

Polyester lanyards are one of the popular ones. They offer durability within cheap pricing. You can customize the printing on them and it looks more prominent on a polyester lanyard. There will be no issues to wear them as they are comfortable. So, employees won’t hide it in their pocket because of their uncomfortable feature. Usually they come with the perfect sizing too. So, you won’t be looking any less cool while wearing the lanyard.

2.Woven Lanyard

If you want the custom printed lanyards to be more elegant and beautiful, then woven lanyard is one of the best solutions for your need. Most of the professional manufacturers weave this woven lanyard with a thread. So, your message or business logo will be made using a thread. This shows the creativity and uniqueness of your company. But, due to the weaving nature, letters won’t be much elaborated. But this is the perfect solution if you want to weave your company’s logo on the lanyard.

3.Full Color Lanyard

If you have been looking for a more durable and high quality lanyard, then this is the one you should opt for. The process of printing on this lanyard ensures longevity and elaborated text. With that kind of imprint, the lanyard will never be fade, crack or wear off. So, they indicate the industrial strength. If you want to print your company’s message in a more prominent way that won’t fade away too easily, then this full color lanyard is one of the best options available for you.

4.Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards represent value. Your employees would love to wear these types of lanyards. You know why? It offers surprisingly cool look without breaking your bank. They are economical solutions for promoting your business in a silent way. The lanyards are crafted from twill fabric polyester and often look similar to a tubular shoelace. Honestly, if you want budgeted solution without compromising on the quality then opting for tubular lanyards might be the best solution.

5.Nylon Lanyards

Nylon lanyards provide you the high quality appearance with accurate silkscreen printing. The lanyards ensure quality, perfect shining along with dependability. So, you will have the perfect lanyard for promoting your brand name.

There are number of manufacturers offering custom printed lanyards. You can conduct your own research before approaching to a company.

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