How to Custom Design Company Lapel Pins?

Company Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a fun and cool way to make a statement in different places. Earlier, lapel pins were used as fashion accessories that were worn over clothing pieces such as jackets, coats, backpacks, etc.

Still today that trend is followed and in fact, in many wedding ceremonies the guests and the groom’s side are seen wearing customized or standard design lapel pins on the wedding day. Lapel pins are meaningful and they can be customized to add more value and personalization.

Over the years, the use of lapel pins is seen in the corporate world as well for branding, identification and different purposes. Company pins custom design is a pretty common thing these days.

If you are having difficulty getting started on custom design for your company pins then this guide will help you out. Below we have enumerated a few key steps that will help you decide on the most suitable custom design for your company’s lapel pins.

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Determine the Purpose

Are you finding it difficult to settle on a specific custom design for your company’s pins? Well, then you must get started by determining the purpose for the making of the lapel pins.

What are your pins going to signify? Are they for branding purposes? Will the pins serve the purpose for company identification? These are some of the questions for which you need to find answers.

Once you are done with that then you will have an initial point to get started on your custom design company pins.

Look through Sample Designs

Believe it or not but you can get a lot of ideas on how to custom design your company pins by looking at sample designs. A quick search online will provide you thousands of sample images of company pins.

Look through the samples and see the different elements used in the customized company pins. If necessary, talk to a custom design artist and discuss the potential custom design for your company’s lapel pins.

Make sure to mention the purpose of your pins to the artist so that they can come up with relevant ideas.

Prioritizing Central Artwork Design

A majority of lapel pins have central artwork that occupies the entirety of the pin. Some custom design lapel pins have the company logo as the central artwork design.

Since the artwork is the focal point of any lapel pin. Keeping that in mind, you must prioritize deciding on the artwork design before selecting custom options for different elements of the pins.

If you are not going for a company logo then make sure whichever artwork you choose is relevant to your business. The main purpose here is to make the pins personalized and unique that serves the business goal.

We highly recommend that you begin customizing the artwork and then proceed to customize other lapel pin elements such as colors, plating, texts, etc.

Complimenting Color Choice

Lapel pins are meant to be visually appealing. Especially if you are designing company pins custom then you gotta make sure that the product is eye-catching.

Colors are one of the elements that play an important role in uplifting the visual appeal of custom design company pins. Therefore, when it comes to choosing custom colors for the pins make sure to think it through before placing the order.

If your artwork is a company logo then the choice of colors become obvious as the pins will have the same colors as your company’s logo. However, if the artwork is different then make sure to choose more than one color in order to make it look appealing.

Don’t make the mistake of going overboard with too many color choices. Stick to two to three colors that compliment one another.

Other than colors, you will have to decide on custom elements which will constitute the design of your company pins. Make sure to research, discuss with an expert and then choose your custom options.

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