What Makes Currency Exchange Investment Advantageous


Currency investment is at the center of attraction as economic uncertainty is enveloping over the globe with the coming new day.  There was a time when these investments were only reserved for multinational corporations and wealthy investors, but 70Trades/strong> is making it available for average investors through its prominent investment platforms. 

What is Currency Investment? 

In simpler terminology, it is the process of converting one currency into another the best suitable example for currency exchange are multinational corporations doing business in different countries and the big traders who bet on movement of currencies relative to each other. Forex or (foreign exchange market) operates 24 hours a day. This market operates between:

  • Brokers and Banks. 
  • Between Banks and Banks etc. 

Reasons Why to Invest in Currencies?


Currencies are options to balance your portfolio particularly if it is primarily focused on equities. Suppose dollar is going to fall in future you can buy the currency i.e. possibly going to rise in the future. In foreign trading you have two choices to make investment stocks and currencies. Both of them could be differentiated easily stocks could be treated individually and currencies are move relative to each other. According to 70Trades, trading in currencies simply means when one is raising other must be falling. A currency never remains stagnant but keeps on fluctuating with passing of time so one have to be aware when to enter in investment and when to take an exit.

Level Playing Field 

Stocks prices are always news driven in these cases there is no one who is available 24*7 around the world where as currency evaluation are driven by actual monetary flows and other numerous events that impacts on country’s economic health. Here you get opportunity to evaluate currency fluctuations and future increase and decrease in their prices. 

Capital Appreciation 

Currencies are akin to commodities and stocks because they add potential for capital appreciation. It is an overnight changing market and can cause rising and falling of rates at any point of time so it’s not that you only have to invest in dollar but you can invest in other currencies also because these have equal chances to come up and show positive rise in their monetary values. There is a very simple fundamental to earn profits for example; if your currency rises against dollar it simply means your earnings and falling means loss. 

Factors Affects Currency Values 

  • Changes in top leadership of the country.
  • Wars and Emergencies.
  • Interest rate fluctuations and changing in economic policies.
  • Trading sanctions.
  • Recessions. 
  • Tax changes. 
  • Monetary policy changes.
  • Currency evaluations. 
  • And health related epidemics.
  • Import restrictions etc. 

Before making your indulgence in currency markets don’t forget to consult a broker who understands the ins and outs of the market. Evaluate the currency if it is apt for your personal portfolio. As currencies are highly volatile so taking step ahead with caution is highly required. If you are looking forward to invest in stocks or currencies make your immediate reach at 70 Trades a firm providing proficient services in the field.  

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