CureMD EMR Vs. CareCloud EMR Software

CareCloud EMR Software

CureMD EMR Software

CureMD’s all-in-one cloud-based software combines Electronic Medical Records with Practice Management, a patient portal, and an iPad app to help medical practices of all sizes personalize treatment, improve patient safety, and reduce costs.

CureMD EMR offers various features to help you manage your clinical and administrative tasks. The key features unfold below.


CureMD EMR is a next-generation interoperability platform that allows for the seamless sharing of data between all stakeholders. You can exchange information with many platforms, including pharmacies, hospitals, patients, electronic devices, radiology services, vaccination centers, and much more. 

Electronic Prescriptions

CureMD’s e-Prescribing service helps you connect with over 40,000 pharmacies across the country and offers features such as:

  • An updated drug knowledge base
  • A complete prescription history from pharmacies
  • Medication dose adjustment based on age and weight
  • Refill requests through the patient portal and pharmacies.
  • Real-time prescription eligibility 
  • Controlled substances e-prescribing

Advanced safety features include access to prescription history, eligibility, adverse reactions (drug-drug, drug-allergy, drug diagnosis), and prescribed dosages, ensuring the highest level of consistency and reliability.

Electronic Labs

You can connect to all of your preferred labs using CureMD’s advanced lab interfacing technology. Most laboratories allow you to submit orders and obtain results electronically.

Comparing current and previous outcomes, warnings for unexpected results, and advanced reporting are all features that can help you provide safer and more efficient treatment to your patients. 

Practice Management System

CureMD EHR integrates with a cloud-based Practice Management System that empowers healthcare setups clinically, operationally, and financially.

CureMD is your best option for automating your business processes and lowering unnecessary overheads due to its strong functionalities and versatile architecture. Transaction speed and service quality are accelerated thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Patient Portal

The CureMD patient portal enables your patients to request online appointments and refills securely, receive test results, use educational equipment, and update their health, history, allergies, demographics, and insurance.

Your patients no longer have to wait for an appointment or to get a copy of their health records in the queue on the web-based Patient Portal. The CureMD EMR patient portal also serves as a gateway to your online presence in addition to achieving patient engagement goals.

Medical Billing

CureMD Medical Billing Service manages all aspects of your billing, including claim formation, quick filing, aggressive follow-up, denial management, appeals, payment uploading, monitoring, and actively directing practice staff to get you paid 6% more and 35% quicker.

CureMD has 20 years of medical billing experience and is equipped with advanced technologies and organizational excellence to move the billing operations forward.

Altogether, CureMD provides your practice with the versatility and outreach it requires to thrive, whether you aim to improve the value of care to your patients, raise reimbursements, or simply keep ahead of the technology curve.

CareCloud EMR Software

The cloud-based CareCloud EMR Software assists high-performing medical practices in growing by raising productivity and enhancing the patient experience. CareCloud’s extensive suite of resources covers patient management, revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic health records (EHR), and patient experience management.

Revenue Cycle Management

CareCloud provides a robust revenue cycle management system that helps you concentrate on patient care rather than collections. CareCloud promptly clears all your claims and follows up on claims without responses. It also helps with patient billing by printing and mailing out patient statements on your organization’s behalf. Last but not least, CareCloud fixes any errors on claims wherever possible so you can collect the total amount due.

Patient Engagement

CareCloud EMR is easily accessible from the web. Before entering your practice, patients can sign in, answer COVID-19 screening questions, and pay for their visit. Patients can also request, reschedule, advance pay, and receive reminders for upcoming appointments without wasting your staff’s time.

Clinical Decision Support

CareCloud Charts provides real-time intelligence to you at the point of care. The EHR offers clinical decision support such as identifying drug interactions, so you know you’re always prescribing the proper medications, at the right time, to your patients.

Practice Management System

CareCloud EMR integrates with a Practice Management System that boosts efficiency by automating the day-to-day tasks of your healthcare practice. The Practice Management System streamlines your workflow by organizing all your time-consuming chores.

Patient Portal

The patient portal offered by CareCloud enables you to connect with your patients. Patient portals can increase patient participation by allowing patients to access their EMRs. Patients can view their medical history, lab test results, treatment plans, and above all, review their health status by communicating with you.


CareCloud offers CareCloud Live, a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform, using real-time video calls to allow you to interact securely and efficiently with patients. You can manage telehealth appointments efficiently, and administrative burdens can be relieved through automated patient reminders.

Final Thoughts about EMR Software

Each specialty is unique and, thus, requires a different set of features. Our comparison of CureMD EMR vs. CareCloud EMR software displays a complete explanation of the top features offered by both. But, we don’t know whether these features are suitable for your setup. Only you can make this decision by listing down your requirements. You can also opt for an EHR demo to give you a clearer picture of the software.

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