Crypto1capital Review

I can tell you with confidence that a lot of online brokers have some advanced trading services. However, I can’t have the same level of confidence when it comes to telling you that they know what you want as a trader. Only a few are able to understand their market and I have brought for you one that I think does. This Crypto1capital review is about this broker that I believe has some great features for every type of trader; new and experienced.

What makes me say that it is suitable for all types of traders? What makes me claim that it understands its traders? Let me show you through this review of Crypto1capital. 

A Platform for Modern Traders

The requirements that traders had just a decade ago were completely different from what they have today. In today’s world, traders are all about traveling and moving. They don’t want to sit in one room only for the purpose of trading when they can do all the other things on the move. So, brokers have to make adjustments to their new lifestyles. That’s what Crypto1capital has done through its trading platform. This trading platform can be used in any way. Whether you are traveling or laying in your bed does not matter because you can still use this platform with full efficiency.

It works on all types of devices because you don’t have to necessarily download it. You can use it on the web just like you would open a website using the browser on your device. The availability of the platform in the web allows you to use it no matter where you are and at any time you want. All the modern trading tools are also on the platform for you to use.

Asset Index with Modern Assets

I understand that you want to trade with an online broker but I also understand that you want to pick a broker that can offer you some new markets. That’s one problem I have seen with many online brokers. They are offering you some great platforms and trading features, but they are limited to the same old financial markets. What I mean by that is that they will offer you stocks, indices, and forex currency pairs only. There is nothing wrong with these markets, but who will talk about cryptocurrencies? Modern traders have this special interest in trading cryptocurrencies and they specifically look for a way to trade this currency.

Can you do that with all the online trading platforms? Well, if I have to tell you from my experience, then the answer would be no. The good news is that you have brokers like Crypto1capital that provide you with the opportunity to trade in the cryptocurrency market on their platforms. You can trade Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, EOS, Dogecoin, Tether, and many other digital assets when you choose to be on this platform.

Leverages but Tight Spreads

Leverage isn’t something new. It’s not a new concept and almost every online broker will offer you leverage on your trades. Then what makes this broker different and special? Well, what makes Crypto1capital special in my opinion is the way it has designed the system in your favor. Firstly, you have leverages that increase as you go higher on accounts ladder. Secondly, you have some really tight spreads. What it means by tight spreads is that the broker isn’t taking a lot of commission from you for trading on its platform. Its commission is tight, which means you can own most of the profits you earn on trades.

Final Thoughts

I think you must have gotten a clear idea why I think this platform cares about its traders and understands them well. The features from this platform are very suitable for traders and designed in a way that brings them value in the long-run. If you are someone who is considering beginning a trading career, I think there is no reason why you should not take a look at this platform.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.