Crypto Wallet Review

The online trading industry has been growing bigger ever since it came into being. When it started, it had a handful of investors and now the industry comprises of several hundreds of millions of investors. Still, there are not many large and reliable online trading service providers, so the most reputed ones are occupied and face a literal chaos. If you do not want to get stuck with a complex trading service provider but want a highly professional and regulated environment, then I’m sure my Crypto Wallet review will come in handy.

About Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet is a customer-oriented online trading service provider so every effort it makes is for your benefit. It tries its best to facilitate you in the best possible manner whether it is offering trading assets, trading accounts, trading platform, or other services.

The purpose of Crypto Wallet is to make your trading journey a smooth and a learning experience, so you love trading and not run away from it.

Trading Assets

Crypto Wallet has abundance of trading assets that it has to offer. You can trade with over 200 trading assets that are aligned under shares, digital currencies (crypto), commodities, indices, and forex.

The choice is completely yours to make when it comes to picking the trading asset. However, Crypto Wallet is always there to guide you along the way and pave a successful path for you if you do things the right way.

Trading Accounts

Crypto Wallet offers you with a total of three trading accounts that are Starter, Standard, and VIP. These accounts have been tailor-made for your convenience so you can use them as per your trading experience.

If you are new to the online trading industry, then you can go for the Starter account. As you gain experience and become a mid-level trader, you can go for the Standard account. If you believe you are an expert in online trading or grow to that level, then you can pick the VIP account.

The minimum deposit requirement for the Starter account is €250 and it grows based on the trading account you choose.

Services Offered

Each trading account at Crypto Wallet offers multiple trading utilities and benefits. But the most common among all three accounts are leverage trading that can go up to 1:400.

You gain full access to the trading markets, gain spreads from up to 0.0 pips, and enjoy negative balance protection. The negative balance protection would never let you go below “0” in case your trade results in a major loss, costing you all of your investments.

Web-Based Trading Platform

Crypto Wallet offers you with a web-based online trading platform that is designed with the latest features and state of the art tools. The entire goal is to offer you some of the best utilities and tools to aid you as you continue performing trades.

The platform gives you access to the superior tools for analytical purposes. You get to use the automated trading feature and set up commands for auto order executions.

It also provides you access to the price charts, historical data, graphs, latest market news, price alerts, and so much more.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Crypto Wallet lets you deposit funds into your trading account using Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit requirement is €250 and the minimum withdrawal is €100 via Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. If the withdrawal request is launched for a Wire Transfer, then the minimum requirement is €250.

KYC and AML Compliance

Crypto Wallet is regulated, which means it is in compliance with the KYC and AML policies. Under no circumstances the firm will show any kind of flexibility or leniency when it comes to adhering to these regulations. It verifies that Crypto Wallet stands by its position as a highly regulated platform and is not willing towards any compromises.

Customer Support

If you have any queries that has to be answered by Crypto Wallet, then you can write an email over to Crypto Wallet. The customer support is at your service 24/5 so you can reach out to them from Monday to Friday during business hours. No matter the query, if it pertains to Crypto Wallet, the customer support representatives would answer them promptly.

Ending Thoughts

If you are attracted by the major online trading firms then you are more than welcome to become part of their family. But those service providers are already occupied so they may not be able to focus on your trading activities to groom you. Therefore, it is important you become part of a trading service provider that does not have too much on its plate and can focus on your grooming.

By Anurag Rathod

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