Creating a Method for Innovation with UX/UI Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Innovation is critical to the UX Designer who adopts Design Thinking but innovation need not occur in blinding flashes. Because mobile apps and other digital platforms today require continuous innovation, designers need to standardize a procedure to be able to innovate repeatedly. Design thinking is a way to solve a user problem through the design of a digital application. The more committed the process remains to this goal, the more successfully will the UX/UI designer be able to meet the goal. 

Creating a Method for Innovation

Hence, design thinking is at the heart of all mobile apps, websites, and other online applications. Along the way, the designer may come up with something novel, useful and relevant to what the consumer needs. This is how innovation, which is vital to progress, is meant to be achieved. This is what modern UX/UI design jobs pay for and what organizations and businesses are looking for.


Perhaps, one of the most revolutionary apps to hit the market is WeChat. If you live outside of China, you may not even have heard of this messaging app. However, already, its user base is 600 million strong and growing. You can do just about anything with this app – from making video calls, booking a cab, a doctor’s appointment, catching up on the news, buying movie tickets, transferring money to others, or playing video games. Millions of Chinese start their day by opening this app and it’s also the last thing they check before going to sleep. In terms of design thinking, this all-in-one application gets very high marks. The user problem that WeChat solves is that it provides us with distractions when we get bored. At the same time, it helps remain in virtual conversations with people, while helping us plan our future days.


Uber was the name that changed the way we travel – literally and figuratively. Intrinsically linked to Google Maps, whose accuracy has improved in leaps and bounds, and extremely trusted payment methods, along with quick automated customer response, this app is finesse personified. Getting a taxi with the simple tap of a smartphone screen was a transformative idea in itself. Now Uber is incorporating meal deliveries as well. The user problem that the Uber app solves is the inconvenience of hailing a taxi on the street.


Have you ever found learning a second language necessary but difficult in relation to your career? Duolingo is still one of the most successful apps from the point of view of learners undergoing User Experience Design courses. This app combines online gaming with acquiring a new language skill. It makes it incredibly easy to learn supported languages with once unprecedented features such as 100% free lessons, playback of recorded readings in the foreign language so that the user can hear himself speaking the in the foreign tongue, and so on. Immediate grading, virtual coin rewards, tailored lessons, and anytime learning are some of the stand-out features of this well-designed app.

The Time-Tested Design Thinking Method to Bring Innovation

The best part about these apps is not just the fact that they solve important human problems but how they solve them. A study of the design shows the following 5 essential features of great mobile app design:

  1. Empathy: The ability to get into the user’s shoes.
  2. Identification of the most important user problem.
  3. Idea Analysis: Enumeration of different solutions without bias.
  4. Visualization of potential solutions through Prototyping.
  5. Assessment/Testing of the different prototypes to identify flaws and further refinement.

Design thinking at the Enterprise level can boost Return on Investment by a massive 300% according to IBM. Investing in a UX/UI design course that gives more emphasis on guidance and mentoring is important to differentiate between becoming a good designer and a great designer. Design boat UI/UX Studios offers mentor-based short term intensive courses with proven techniques to bring learners up to speed with the best in the industry. Don’t miss the boat! Contact a Design boat School Counselor today.

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