Crafts for kids with recycled material

Crafts for kids with recycled material

The time spent at home has taken a toll on us. What can we create that is innovative, useful, and creative? Children’s crafts with recycled material are ideal for making hours at a helpful home. In addition to carrying out projects with the little ones, we let them learn how to recycle and be responsible for nature.

Children’s crafts with recycled material

Creative crafts are ideal for children to stimulate their creativity and make them learn new things. In our article, you can find 5 tutorials that can entertain children and study new ways to clean the planet from plastic, paper, and other household items that would otherwise throw away. Of course, each project must be agreed upon based on the age of the child himself.

Creative recycle crafts for children

Creative recycling is perfect for giving life to objects that would otherwise be thrown away and never used again. An example of a chore that can do with children is drawing. But we offer you a design on fabric.

The idea is to personalize the children’s room, and the best way is to bring some color. A white lining is an ideal canvas for making the following tutorial of easy landscape drawing.


· Sheet of paper

· Brushes of different sizes

· Colors for different colored fabrics

· White cushion cover

· Iron


1. First, decide on the design of the lining. Once chosen, you can proceed with the direct drawing on the sheet of paper.

2. When finished drawing, stick the sheet of paper on the fabric.

3. To print the design on the lining, the iron must be hot.

4. Iron.

You can decide on the design and size of the sheet. For the work to last over time, it is essential to know how to wash the fabrics correctly.

Easy crafts for 4-year-olds

The crafts for children with recycled material allow us to entertain the little ones, entertaining their attention. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular characters among children is the beluga Baily, from the Disney cartoon – “Finding Dory.”

The paper crafts, or precisely the paper plates, are ideal for making crafts for children with recycled material. Follow the tutorial to create your Baily.


· Paper plate

· Black marker

· Golly eyes

· Scissors

· Colored crayons


1. Fold a paper plate in half.

2. Trace the outline of the whale on one side.

3. Start cutting out the shape of the whale, leaving the top intact, as shown below.

4. Cut out the bottom of the whale and the ocean.

5. Glue a fake eye on the whale.

6. Paint the ocean using a blue crayon and outline the whale using a black marker.

7. Create the waves in the ocean using a black marker.

Building with recycled materials

Without blaming where all the plastic we use every day goes, we offer you a handy tutorial. Plastic containers, such as creams, shampoos, and oils, can be reused and made into wall organizers. Their use can be varied, from pen holders to kitchen organizers. In short, place them where you need them most. But in the bedroom, near the children’s desk, it is the ideal place. This way, they can keep all their pens and markers always close at hand.


· Plastic containers

· Black marker

· Sponge and alcohol

· Cutter


1. Start by peeling off the labels on both sides of the bottle. They’re stuck there pretty well, but once you have a grip, they should come off in one piece if you pull steadily and slowly.

2. Remove any sticky residue with an adhesive solvent, then clean the bottles with denatured alcohol.

3. Roughly draw a pattern on paper to fit your bottle. Cut out the template, wrap it around the bottle, tape it and trace it onto the bottle with a permanent marker. The circular opening for the hook is to be combined with the knobs.

4. Use a utility knife to cut along the lines using a trim saw motion with constant force. Go slowly! A curved craft knife could be more accessible, especially for cutting the curved parts of the path. For the circular feature, I found it easier to make a hole in the center and insert some very sharp scissors to cut out the circle from the center.

5. If necessary, use sandpaper to smooth out any jagged or rough edges. You can also use scissors to even out the cutters, but be careful not to cut too much, and don’t forget to recycle the plastic parts you miss!

6. Pierce your knobs on the wall and hang the organizers. It is a vital detail to incorporate more of your style into, so choose accordingly.

Creative recycle crafts for children

Toilet paper craft ideas are great, recycled, and most are suitable for kids. It is one of the most popular recycled children’s crafts. Plus, no doubt it’s handy because everyone uses toilet paper. Hence, this makes the role of paper look stylish.


· Toilet paper rolls

· Washi tape tapes

· Scissors

· Scrapbook paper

· Glue

· Pom pom

· Succulent

· Topsoil


1. Place a piece of masking tape on one end of the toilet paper roll. Cut slits all around through the excess and then fold them to secure them in place.

2. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper at the height of the toilet paper roll.

3. Cover the tube with paper using hot glue.

4. Add some decorative finishing to the top of the tube!

5. Fill your new planter with potting soil and a succulent-type seedling!

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