Why Do CPAs And Accountants Prefer QuickBooks Dedicated Server?

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An accounting application that loads fast, has an engaging interface, and with features that can cater to various tasks is no less than a dream for almost every CPA and CPA firm. If you are quite accustomed to using QuickBooks desktop software, switching to a QuickBooks dedicated server hosting may sound like an advanced technology upgrade.

Traveling the world when armed with your laptop and other essentials, working for your clients from a foreign coffee shop or in a luxury restaurant, hopping from one destination to another as you travel the world to grow your business. However, as is often the case, the reality is not romanticized this much. 

Dedicated server hosting for QuickBooks is not just a technical upgrade but an impressive alternative available to many thanks to the cloud computing trend that is shaping up the way accountants work and manage their clients.

If you are one of them but have no idea why your peers prefer QuickBooks dedicated hosting, you’ve come to the right place. By understanding the working of a dedicated server, you will be in a better position to decide if you should join the cloud bandwagon like your peers. 

What Do Dedicated Servers Have in Store for You?

I wonder if the application performs well – why can’t I access cloud-hosted QuickBooks? – where can I make the server configuration settings?”

Want to avoid these dreaded possibilities of application performance issues with a shared server? Switch to QuickBooks dedicated hosting where your cloud server will be truly yours. 

Basically, a dedicated cloud server is one that is not shared with any other individual, but you for your business needs. This is different from a shared server that is often ‘shared’ amongst different clients of cloud providers as they all have not-so-significant cloud requirements. While shared hosting may seem to help save costs, it might not be the best choice to host QuickBooks desktop software.

With QuickBooks dedicated server hosting, you can expect enhanced reliability and efficiency of the application. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to manage the server the way you want to fulfill business requirements. 

If you are still stuck on the thought of using QuickBooks desktop software without a cloud, This read will enlighten you, 

5 Things That Make QuickBooks Dedicated Hosting a Better Alternative

1. Enhanced security arrangements

Before you will make the transition to the luxury of cloud-based QuickBooks, you might want to ask:

  • Is the process of data migration to a cloud server safe?
  • Will my QuickBooks data be secure on a third-party cloud server?
  • Will my licensed QuickBooks software work efficiently when on the cloud?

One of the most important features of dedicated cloud hosting is the high level of security. Hosting QuickBooks on a dedicated server not only helps your team to reduce redundant accounting tasks but also ensures a focused work environment free from security concerns. It gives you an additional layer of security above your data as only you or your team will have access to the dedicated server.

Whether it is your clients’ financial information or company files, you will benefit from a higher level of protection against spam and cyber risk with QuickBooks dedicated server hosting.

2. Better control over server settings

It goes without saying that in the post-Covid world, the businesses that keep a check on technological advancements will be the ones that will thrive. The ability to utilize growing technologies, including cloud computing is something that has the potential to set you apart from competitors. 

Whether you are a CPA practicing individual or working for an accounting firm, now is the right time to switch to dedicated server hosting for QuickBooks. A dedicated server will provide complete control over the server settings, not all of which are accessible to the users in the shared hosting model. As your tech team will manage the dedicated server, there will be no restrictions on how to use the QuickBooks software. 

Also, the lack of sharing of server resources with other clients as in the case of a shared server allows you to operate or configure the cloud environment the way you need.

3. Cost savings in relation to other IT investments

Introducing new technology to the work environment involves investing a significant amount in software license purchases, local system upgrades, etc. Even if you already have an IT setup installed at your workplace, you may need to change the system to make room for improved technology. Particularly for accounting businesses, high capital expenses for such needs may clean up the reserve capital you have set aside for other work areas. 

With QuickBooks dedicated hosting, you need not base the idea of cloud transition on the availability of a substantial budget. Instead, you save on the cost of buying physical servers, hardware maintenance, and many others with this seamless cloud transition.

Keep in mind that selecting a dedicated server hosting for QuickBooks will be comparatively costlier than shared hosting. However, you can still save a big amount that would otherwise be needed in setting up an on-premise IT environment. You can also change the hosting plan whenever needed and pay as per usage.

4. Easy add-on integrations

Before you host your licensed QuickBooks software on the cloud, it is essential to understand the add-on integration possibility. Although QuickBooks has been designed with a plethora of features, they may not be enough for your specific business. Like many other software, one way to add more functional values to your licensed QB application is to integrate add-ons. Think of it as installing another file on the existing software code installed on your system.

But what if the chosen cloud solution provider does not allow add-on integrations? What if the hosting plan you have chosen cannot accommodate QuickBooks add-ons?

QuickBooks dedicated hosting can benefit you with easy integration of add-ons to accomplish various complementary tasks. Whether it is an ERP suite, time-tracking add-on, or Bill.com, you can host as many add-ons as you want without facing any limitations. This will further simplify data entry tasks and lead to lesser chances of accounting errors.

5. Disaster recovery plan in place

As with many other businesses that involve dealing with sensitive information, loss of client data can be quite harmful to an accounting firm. In a competitive market, reputational damage followed by financial losses can bring down a business to dust. While you cannot control how the mighty nature stages its plays in the form of natural disasters, you can keep your business safe with QuickBooks hosting


Most dedicated servers are available with in-built disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure data protection. Cloud providers like Ace Cloud Hosting back up their clients’ data regularly at multiple locations to ensure continuity of operations.

QuickBooks dedicated servers are worth the price paid because of the benefits you can avail. Make sure you select reliable cloud service providers for dedicated servers and pave the way for continued business growth in the long run. 

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