Latest Cpanel Licensing Structure: How Reseller Hosting Price is Impacted?

Cpanel Licensing Structure

As many business persons are aware of the new cPanel changes that the licensing sale is converted from a ‘per server’ to a ‘per-account’ model. There is no doubt that cPanel Prices have severely affected and increased in a higher amount due to massive changes in cPanel Licensing. You need a cPanel License at a cheap price and best functionality.

The cost not only increases in hundreds only but in thousands of dollars. Therefore, we have also changed our Reseller Hosting cost. You will get high-quality services with top-notch round the clock technical support.

You will not get the cPanel License cheap and budget-friendly other than Server Wala. In such an investment, you can take advantage of a broad list of services. You will get all the necessary information in this article about cPanel License Price and its impact on Reseller hosting.

The New cPanel License. How does its Structure work?

There are multiple structures ofcPanel License, but the strategy is common for every business person. It means to choose the cPanel Licenses according to your business requirements.

If you want to host a single domain on a single server, then cPanel Solo License is best for you; otherwise, cPanel Metal License is for you. You have another choice of hosting multiple domains on a server by choosing a pro license.

cPanel cost depends on the number of accounts you need for your business. Therefore, you can upgrade your cPanel VPS Licenseeasily at any time.

The New cPanel License. How its Structure Affect Us?

cPanel License Change adversely affects businesses. It is obvious when costing is increased by a 300% price than the complete hosting providers’ work-driven approach gets affected. Therefore, the entire structure directly affects us.

It is not our choice, but we have no option left except for taxing the hosting services by increasing our reseller hosting plans. It’s difficult to accept the increased costing. But this is the bitter truth that we provide enhanced quality and the same services at a higher cost of cPanel Cloud License.

Determining the new Reseller Hosting Price.

Costing is set up at once and not changes every day. But unfortunately, it depends on the hosting market value. Therefore, it can be changed due to changes in cPanel License costing.

We have limited the number of accounts with each and every reseller hosting plan. Therefore, you can host only countable websites on a single cPanel account.

cPanel Accounts Limits

Below is the cPanel Accounts limits that we offer for hosting websites on a server.

  1. Electron handles up to 25 cPanel accounts
  2. Fusion keeps up to 50 cPanel accounts
  3. Expansion holds up to 80 cPanel accounts
  4. Evolution holds up to 100 cPanel accounts

The new Reseller Hosting Pricing

Here we mention the $0.20 increased current price of the cPanel License. You can calculate the cost by multiplying the number of cPanel accounts with the current cPanel License price.

Understand this concept by example: If you are paying $24.95/month for your existing Fusion Reseller plan, it will increase to $34.95/month ($24.95 + $0.20 x 50 cPanel accounts).

The price of a cPanel license check here.

  • Current price for Electron is $19.95/mo
  • Current Price for Fusion is $34.95/mo
  • Ongoing Price Expansion is $50.95/mo
  • Constant Price Evolution is $64.95/mo

We will keep you updated with the current price list for the cPanel License. For the fast development of cPanel buy License from Server Wala at low prices.

To know the above account of the cPanel account limits what action you will take?

There is no doubt that you need to upgrade your plans if you need more than 30+ cPanel accounts. Upgrade doesn’t mean to pay extra costs for additional resources. But it refers to migrating your account from lower Hosting to a higher Reseller Hosting plan.

Each business has its own working strategy, terms and conditions, and deadlines. Therefore, they notify or send a reminder of the specific or last date for cPanel account up-gradation. After that, your account is suspended and permanently terminated without the option of restoring.

What is the cPanel account (Definition)?

cPanel account is basically known by the name of “cPanel user” or “cPanel account.” It is an independent account that is simply created in the WHM control panel. The primary purpose of the cPanel account is to provide an accessible website or email management.

With a cPanel lifetime license, you can multitask with ease and save lots of your precious time.

Steps to check how may cPanel account you are handling.

You can easily check the remaining cPanel accounts through your WHM control panel Software. Follow these simple guidelines step by step to know how many accounts you have.

Step 1. Open WHM for login control panel account

Step 2. Click the List of Accounts

Step 3. Look at the remaining numbers of Accounts

Step 4. Check the number of accounts above the cPanel Accounts Limits Chart

Do suspended/Inactive accounts count against your allocation?

Yes, all accounts count against your allocation irrespective of their type, nature, and status.

If youbuy cPanel licensesfrom Server Wala to enjoy more flexibility, you can suspend/Inactive or block any user account from your organization database. It doesn’t erase the user’s personal information or profile. Still, the user no longer has access to login or sign in to the cPanel account.

In the new cPanel account how to host multiple websites?

We can easily host various websites on a new cPanel account by keep focusing on the below highlights.

  1. Log in your cPanel account in WHM
  2. Check the existing number of accounts 
  3. Remove or delete unnecessary accounts
  4. Host multiple domains under a single server

For simple management and access, you can consolidate the websites under a single server. You can buy cPanel Licenses plans for multiple hosting such as Admin License for 5 accounts, pro License for more than 30 accounts.

Looking Ahead

At present, We don’t have alternate or another stand-in for cPanel. Therefore we offer the best and secure control panel that is suitable for your business hosting. We will try our best to find out the other testing options for the future.

We are thankful to you for giving your precious time to read this article. At the top of this article, you will be aware of the cPanel costing, its impact on reseller hosting, cPanel working structure, and many more about cPanel License.

I hope this information helps you to buy the best cPanel Lifetime License for your business. If you still have any question in your mind, then you can freely connect with our support team for more support and guidance!

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