Corrosion Testing Solutions with Advanced Range Of Salt Spray Testers

Salt Spray Chamber

With the increase in both aesthetic and protection requirements in the metal industry coating manufacturers are facing real competition and are going through a constant race against time to deliver the best. International and national markets of plating and coating are pouring in with the latest updates and to keep up the pace the coating manufacturers must deliver nothing short of the best. The biggest challenge of today’s market is the increasing corroding nature of our environment. Coated or plated components exposed to high levels of corrosion must not fail out and crack easily. Thus, the quality of a coat must be thoroughly checked through an efficient corrosion testing system. We bring dual versions of corrosion testers – Salt Spray Chamber – Digital and Salt Spray Chamber HMI (Touch Screen).

Salt Fog Testing – An essential quality check measure for coating applications

Coating applications and plating have been evolved for a long time. With initial importance on aesthetics, visuals and spectrum of colours the value very soon shifted to the strength of the coating, how long a coat can protect the product surface from the outside environment. Now is the time that the value has been shifted to both, the industry demands the aesthetic quality along with the resistance strength against environmental complexities. With changes in the customer requirement, it is time that the coating manufacturers must endure themselves to deliver nothing but the best. And to do so they must bring the best quality control systems in house to test the coating or plating to be done or delivered to the customer.

The most constant challenge in quality maintenance especially for the coating industry is the corrosion or salt fog environment that results in corrosion of iron products and brings cracks in the coating layer exposing the product surface to further corrosion.

We bring a Salt Spray tester or corrosion chamber in two latest versions – namely, Salt Fog Tester – Digital and Salt Spray Tester – HMI Touch screen Model. Both the models of corrosion test chambers are used for performing accelerated corrosion tests. The Machine is a chamber in which the user can place the products either coated or plated to observe after projecting specified salt fog conditions, how the material or specimen performs. The chamber bodies are designed as per international test standards like ASTM B117. That means that the products tested by the SST machines are approved worldwide.

Both the machine brings innovative and highly advanced features like automated, salt fog or salt mist sprayer, auto collection of the salt fog solution, pH scale to check the chemical integrity of solution, highly sensitive and precision base test evaluations.

The major difference between both the equipment is the user control – The digital one has a microprocessor-based control that display parameters and test values in digital format on LED-lit display screen and all other controls are brought through buttons, however the HMI based model brings all the control on the touch of your fingertips.