Coronavirus Scare in India: High Alert in UP

coronavirus scare

Uttar Pradesh has been on high alert right after two schools in Noida were shut down on Tuesday due to Coronavirus scare. Coronavirus is taking the world down and is outrageously spreading across the globe. In like two months, the virus has taken over 60 countries and took the lives of around 3000 people from these countries. According to Indian national news published in English, authorities in Uttar Pradesh are on high alert. They are keenly monitoring the schools and other areas in Noida following the Coronavirus alarm. 

After a student’s father was tested positive for coronavirus a few days ago, a school in Noida postponed their examinations on Tuesday and shut the school for good. The board examinations will continue, but the lower grade examination in a school is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. The Chief Medical Officer in Noida reached the situation around 11:45 A.M for inspection at the school with a health department team. From Noida and Greater Noida to other parts of the country, the threat is spreading, and the virus is spreading too. Besides, it is also asked to inform the officials about the employees who are returning from the list of 13 countries on alert that includes Australia, Italy, Iran, China, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Cambodia, Croatia, Denmark, France, etc. 

A renowned English medium school in Noida is shut due to Coronavirus Scare on Tuesday. After the investigation, it was also learned that the infected patient organized a birthday party last week in the area where other students were present accompanied by 25 people. Moreover, family members who have tested positive for the virus have been shifted to Safdarjung hospital for further tests. The family is Delhi-based, and some of their relatives are also asked to stay quarantined at their homes. Health Minster sourced this news and also said one of the accountants working for the infected man, who is a resident of Mayur Vihar, he and his family have also been shifted to the same hospital for tests. 

India has been put on high alert after seven confirmed cases have been suspected. After the wake of the deadly disease in India, officials from Agro announced to travel professionals to inform about any Chinese tourists visit in the city. Taj Mahal and other historical monuments in the town have been put on high alert after an Italian couple holidaying in Agra suspected with Coronavirus symptoms. Meanwhile, the six confirmed cases have been kept isolated and others who have met them in the past few weeks their relatives and family members are asked to be isolated in their houses for the next 14 days. 

Usually, it is seen that the symptoms are showing in an infected person after 14 days of getting exposed to the virus. So, it is unlikely to say that they are infected or not before 14 days. The alert of the Coronavirus outbreak came at the time when bush fires were going in Australia, and the virus has claimed over 304 left affected in no time. The virus is affecting the tourism business in the world as it has nearly shut down China, and even almost every country has suspended visas of China, Italy, and France after the spread of the virus. 

Even countries are evacuating their citizens from Wuhan and keeping them under observation for any infection of the COV-19 virus. Every news channel and newspaper is filled with Coronavirus headlines under Indian national news in English and also on international platforms. So far, India has reported six confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and two of them are in the Capital due to which airlines and airports are on high alert. 

Amid the fear in Delhi-NCR, the demand for N95 and surgical masks increased after manifold in Noida, with some people are claiming sellers are taking advantage of the situation and selling the masks at higher rates. The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal held an emergency meeting with Health Minister and other top health officials and talked about the measures they can take to control the situation. Besides, the Deputy Chief Minister is trying to keep in touch with the people infected with the virus. 

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