Coronavirus Commercial Auto Insurance Refunds: How Much to Expect

Auto Insurance Refunds

Is your auto insurance running out while you are stuck in the Coronavirus lockdown? Well, you are not alone in the league. Millions of people all over the world are facing trouble due to this outbreak. The novel Coronavirus has created havoc across the globe, turning the business model upside down. It has wreaked havoc in the auto industry. People are driving less as a result as they are staying most of the time at home.  

While your car insurance rate may not be a top priority in the middle of this coronal crisis, it never hurts to know what options are available and how you can save money during a financially tough time. 

Why Auto Insurers Are Giving Money Back:

In a report published in March, the Society of Actuaries, the insurance expert claimed, “The on-going physical distancing and remote work will likely have an impact on auto coverage exposures and auto insurance claims.” In other words, fewer accidents mean fewer payments for insurers to make. 

These predictions are already coming true. Staten Island has witnessed a fall in traffic by 40% to 50% compared with the same period in April 2019, according to the New York Department of Transportation. 

The chances of accidents are reduced to a minimum due to the absence of cars on the roads. The New York City Open Data project shows a sharp decline of collisions in March by over 35 % from 2019 to 2020.

So, seek with commercial auto insurance New York whether there are any plans announced to return some money to the customers because of these drastic changes in lifestyle. 

Auto Insurance Refunds

What to Know While Waiting for Your Refund:

Many companies are offering Coronavirus refunds, discounts or credits, and the details of those offers. Let’s check out a few crucial points: 

Most of them don’t demand anything extra to get a refund. So, beware of scams. We can’t rule out the same during the confusion of the Coronavirus. Don’t be deceived by anyone claiming to be working for your insurer, asking for personal details to process a refund. 

In addition to refunds, many insurance companies are also easing payment deadlines and pausing cancellations for non-payment. So, don’t worry about your auto insurance running out. Many come up with suggestions as to what could be done to keep the coverage alive in case you’re struggling to pay for it. Knowing more about such benefits makes it advisable to consult with an expert insurance broker who stays updated with the latest changes in the auto insurance industry. 

Remember, many of these benefits are yet to get state-level approval. The insurance agencies are keeping track of the situation, and refunds might not be their long-term plans.

Finally, many car owners are switching to new driving patterns, meaning using their vehicles for delivering food or goods. This would typically require commercial auto insurance. Some insurance companies are temporarily overlooking this distinction, but not all. It’s best to check with your insurance broker before using your car for any commercial purpose. 

What Might Come Next for Auto Insurance?

Many insurers are still calculating how the pandemic is going to impact their businesses. Some of them are likely to extend refunds, especially those operating in profoundly affected areas. Maybe, in the future, you may have many more options to save money once state regulators begin to take action. 

For instance, California’s insurance commissioner has already ordered auto insurers to “make an initial premium refund for March and April to all adversely impacted California policyholders.” Many other states have chosen the same route to encourage auto insurers to take constructive initiatives. Auto insurers can’t survive this tough time without carting to repay customers, offer flexible billing, and extend coverage for business use of personal vehicles. 

You can also deal with the situation on your own. If you’re driving less, paying too much, or not satisfied with the current auto insurer, you should consult an insurance broker. A reputable and trusted insurance broker will help you choose the right option by equipping you with the latest information and knowledge. Thus, you will be able to compare car insurance rates before making any selection. Check out the options available and pay the right price. Even if you’re getting a rebate, it may not make up for the extra costs you’re paying. Taking all these into consideration can help save you money now and in the future as well. 

What’s next?

So are you ready? Shop around and compare car insurance rates. Visit the official page of your insurance agency. Learn how to pause your car insurance temporarily. Also, know about other insurance benefits. Look for commercial full coverage car insurance at an affordable rate.

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Robert James is an accomplished writer with years of experience writing on various topics regarding auto insurance. His recent write up focuses on Coronavirus Commercial Auto Insurance Refunds. 

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