Trouble-free down-home cooking ideas while you are off for a vacay in your caravan

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Everyone loves gallivanting around the globe. And, if the locations are as beautiful as in Ireland it becomes irresistible for anyone to not to go for a vacay. Families and friends when plans for a vacation, they first make a checklist of many things that are required while gallivanting. Now, these things include a lot like the first and foremost being to check their mobile home insurance or more commonly known as caravan insurance. And, in any case, that is not done or due to for renewal, the hunt for a good caravan Insurance Ireland company starts. Then, the status of the caravan is checked and if there are any fixations or changes need to be made that is done without waisting another second.

Last but not least, the arrangement for snacks and food starts. There are many who thinks vacaying in a caravan means eating noodles and instant food is the only source of survival. It’s time to get them back to the real world. Noodles are not JUST the food that one can have when traveling in a caravan. There many easy homely food recipes that are easy and fast to make; giving the taste of heaven.

These recipes neither take much of time nor take a lot of space (we know the kitchen is small). The preparator should know how to manage the things and the dish gets ready in a blink of an eye.

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Now, turning our wheels back to the main thing, RECIPES. Just to help all our wanderlust souls, here are some lip-smacking recipes that one can try when traveling again. All these recipes require minimal ingredients and minimum time.

Burritos for Breakfast

Start your day as fresh as a burrito. Just carry some whole-wheat tortillas, some capsicums, cheese, black beans, cherry tomatoes, eggs, and a spicy salsa sauce in your grocery.

  • Heat half oil in a frypan on medium heat. Cook for 7minutes onions and capsicum until they soften. Now, add the black beans and cook for some more minutes. Add required salt and pepper and keep them aside in a dish.
  • Now, whisk the eggs and cheese. Heat the frypan again with half oil and add the egg mixture to make scrambled eggs.
  • Now, evenly spread spicy salsa sauce on each side of the tortilla and top it with eggs, bean mixture and avocado.
  • To add some extra flavors to it, one can sprinkle some chilly flakes.

Cherry Tomatoes, Mushroom and Spinach fry-up

As the name suggests, this recipe will make all the faces smile with just one bite. An easy and delicious recipe to make your traveling more thrilling. Just a few ingredients like 5-6 mushrooms, butter, red onions, cherry tomatoes, garlic cloves, baby spinach leaves, and lemon juice this recipe is best to kick-start a day after breakfast and can be clubbed with eggs and bread.

  • Heat butter and oil(preferably olive) in a pan and mushrooms and onions to saute for 5-6minutes.
  • Now, combine the tomatoes, garlic(s), salt and pepper along with baby spinach leaves and stir and cook for next 2-3 minutes until it welts.
  • Now, squeeze the lemon juice as per taste and serve it with eggs and/or bread.

Asparagus and grilled lemon chicken

This dish will give you taste and an equal dose of healthy eating. Perfect dinner for travelers in the caravan, this dish takes hardly 20minutes and tastes too delicious too. For the ingredients one needs olive oil, salt and pepper, 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, 1 lemon and a bunch of asparagus.

  • Heat the fry pan or BBQ, to medium-high heat. Brush the chicken with olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper as per your taste.
  • Fry the chicken, until cooked, halfway through the cooking add the lemon wedges on the hot plate or the pan.
  • Serve it with asparagus with lemon in it and ENJOY!!!

Mushroom and Bacon Risotto

Just a handful of ingredients and one pot to make this dish. This dish is perfect while traveling keeping you fill without any stomach hassles. For the ingredients, one onion chopped, 8 rasher bacon chopped, 250gm button mushrooms, risotto rice, 1l chicken stock, and grated parmesan.

  • Heat oil in a pot and chopped onions. Let it cook for 5minutes. Add the mushrooms and cook for next 5minutes.
  • Stir the rice now in the mixture and cook until the rice goes clear absorbing all the juices.
  • Gradually add the chicken stock, stirring well and waiting for the stock to get absorbed by the rice
  • Once cooked, add grated parmesan and serve hot.

These are some of the easy and homely cooked dishes one can enjoy while jaunting the next weekend.

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