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Everyone loves the super delicious and unmistakable flavor of rice; there is no doubt about it. Rice is so versatile that it can be used as both a side and main dish. When cooked properly, they give great taste and hold up to sauces, seasonings well. They are easy to cook and even easier to mess up. You should pay attention to many little details while cooking rice, which we often neglect and end up with mushy and sticky rice. So, we have penned down a few key factors to look forward to when cooking traditional basmati rice:

Not Adding Enough Water

Many people made the mistake of keeping their rice for soaking and cooking in inadequate amounts of water. Especially when you leave rice in water before cooking, it needs to be filled with water. Without sufficient water, your rice will be dry and uncooked. You can try the knuckle method if you are still unsure about the amount of water to pour into the rice cooker.

Under the knuckle method, when you put rice in a pot and fill it with water, measure it with your finger. If the water comes up to your fist knuckle, then it is perfect.

Not Pre-soaking Rice

Thetraditional way of cooking all the aromatic rice like Almond and Basmati rice involves pre-soaking. Leaving basmati rice in water for 20 – 25 minutes before cooking holds the oil responsible for their signature aromas intact. Also, pre-soaking helps reduce the cooking time, which usually destroys the aroma of rice. You will end up with a platter of fluffy, snowy white, and delectable aromatic rice.

Continuously Stirring It

One of the biggest mistakes that almost everyone makes and ends up complaining about is that the rice is so mushy and of no good. When cooking, you are not supposed to stir the rice continuously; you should let them cook in the steam. Starch present in the rice activates when we keep strutting them while cooking, making your rice mushy and sticky. Therefore, you should avoid stirring the rice while cooking.

Cooking Rice On High Flame

The people who want to cook fast cook rice on high flame. This makes the grain burst open like a butterflied steak and ruins the flavor of rice. If you want the sweet, melting, and delectable rice texture, let them cook at a simmer flame. Aromatic rice like Basmati is meant for heating up to boiling temperature; anything past can ruin its texture and taste.

Using Wrong Cooking Utensils

Picking up the wrong pot to cook rice can spoil your dish. Rice gains extra length and becomes fluffier when it is cooked well. So, they need proper space and adequate water to expand. If you use a small utensil for making rice, you might end up with sticky and uncooked rice.

Lifting The Lid Too Often

No matter how much the aroma of rice temps you to lift the lid and peek, you should not do it. When you lift the lid up, you lower the water temperature as most of the steam comes out of the pot. Rice doesn’t require frequent stirring or folding while cooking. You will mess up the final, delicious, and aromatic rice if you lift the lid as it cooks. The water and steam come out of the rice every time you lift the cover, resulting in uncooked and dry rice.

In Final Words

These are a few mistakes everyone makes, and they never realize they are doing it wrong all along. Besides, the technique and water-rice ratio can differ for different types of rice. You cannot treat all the same. Some rice requires more water and isn’t necessary to be pre-soaked either. However, do keep in mind the points mentioned above while cooking traditional Basmati Rice.

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