converting png to webp

Let us learn about a new and advanced image format called “WEBP,” a new image format released by Google, which takes a comparatively smaller size but provides higher quality converting png to webp.

You may be confused about how it is possible, but let us review how people are presently doing it before going into further details.

Traditional Methods To Reduce PNG Image Size

Most people resort to popular software like Photoshop or use some tools online to compress their images. Let us see how easy they are to use and their effectiveness.

Use Photoshop By Resaving PNG To JPG

The process is relatively straightforward. You can use either photoshop express online or use the photoshop professional paid software. You can upload the PNG file or open it in the software. Then you can save the file in a JPG format by choosing from the dropdown.

However, there is an appreciable loss in the quality of the image file. It implies that it is easy to reduce the size for free, but it reduces image quality.

Use An Online Tool Like TINYPNG 

You may use an online tool like It reduces the file size considerably by selectively decreasing the number of image colors. The website says that the effects are invisible, and you also get a massive difference in size.

But you can only compress 20 images at once for free with a restriction of 5MB per image. You will have to sign up for the Pro version, which costs $25 per annum. Secondly, these files are suitable only for web display. If you try to print these images, you will get a substandard quality.

Use The WEBP Image Format By Converting PNG To WEBP

Let me tell you a better way of reducing the size of your image files. It uses an advanced JS technique of converting PNG to WEBP image format. You can get this tool online name Webp Converter here.

Overview of WEBP Converter

It is a 100% free tool to reduce image size. The best part is that there is no loss in image quality. You can convert multiple images, 30 at a time, and the conversion process gets completed within seconds. The batch processing saves a hell of a lot of time. Just imagine converting each image individually. It will be such a headache. However, you can only convert the file with a maximum size of 10MB and 8000×8000.

It would help if you did not worry about the new format. If you ever face the problem that you cannot open a file on your PC or mobile device, you can quickly convert any WEBP file back to PNG, again without loss of quality. You don’t need any internet connection to convert them from WEBP to PNG or similar formats.

You can download the converter tool for free for windows-based devices. The offline tool supports conversion from WEBP to JPG, PNG, or ICO, and vice versa. You can also convert BMP, SVG, and GIF files to WEBP format but not the other way. 

Mac users also need not feel left out. The company has developed an offline application for Mac computers too. You can download the free tool from the official MacStore. Remember that both the offline tools are 100% free to download and use.

Benefits of WEBP Converter

1.  100% Free

It is a change maker benefit from the house of WebpConverter. Unlike other tools available on the net, the WEBP converter does not directly or indirectly charge anything from you.

2.  No Images Uploaded To Server

Some users apprehend that their intimate images may be misused. They should feel delighted with this feature. This converter tool does not upload any pictures to online servers.

3.  Support Offline Win/Mac Software

Windows and Mac are the leading operating system in the world. The WEBP converter tool supports offline work in both operating systems.

4.  Support PNG/JPG To Webp And Webp To PNG/JPG

You can quickly convert any image from PNG to WEBP and vice versa. It includes support for JPG files, which you can convert from JPG to WEBP and vice versa. The tool can compress the image to WEBP without any loss of clarity.


If you are on the lookout for compressing your image files, the WEBP converter is the best choice because it is 100% free, efficiently compresses images to WEBP format without loss of quality. Unlike popular software, it provides you the flexibility of converting files without the need for the internet.

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