How to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook PST – A Perfect Solution

Lotus Notes to Outlook PST


Lotus Notes is an email communication program that you to communicate inside and outside your organization. It syncs with the Lotus Domino server and stores mailbox data in the NSF file format.

On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is the company’s most widely used desktop email client. You may use it to manage many email clients. It also includes all of the advanced features you’ll want for a better user experience. Outlook creates a backup PST file and syncs it with MS Exchange Server.

Let’s look at some reasons why users export NSF to PST.

Reasons to Convert lotus notes to outlook pst

Lotus Notes was formerly one of the most widely used and capable email programs. Due to outdated functionality, complex options, and a complicated user interface, its popularity has decreased in recent years. Switching from lotus notes to outlook pst has various advantages. The most important aspects are described below.

  • The main cause is Lotus Notes’ complicated user interface. As a result, a non-tech user will be unable to utilize this program without assistance.
  • Additionally, IBM Notes does not enable you to connect to numerous email accounts. Logging into each account separately is the only method to add multiple accounts.
  • You must have an active Internet connection to utilize Lotus Notes. Outlook requires an internet connection to send and receive emails, as well as to synchronize with the Exchange server.
  • Unlike Lotus Notes, Outlook is compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to access their emails from anywhere.

Methods to Export Lotus Notes to Outlook

Manual processes and professional solutions are the two methods for converting Lotus Notes emails to Outlook. We’ll start with manual techniques to convert lotus notes to Outlook. They’re simple DIY techniques that do not require any technical knowledge.

You must export your Lotus Notes emails as CSV files and then import them into Outlook. Below are the particular instructions for moving your mailbox data.

It is necessary to export the emails from Lotus Notes as CSV files so that they can be imported into Outlook. The specific steps for transferring your mailbox data are outlined below.

Step 1- Exporting mails from Lotus Notes.

  • Open the Lotus Notes program on your computer.
  • Go to the File tab and select the Export option.
  • Choose Comma Separated Value for your file from the drop-down option.
  • Next, select the Export tab.
  • Click OK to export to CSV file.
  • Now, change the extension of the backup file to .csv.
  • Here, let’s import the CSV files into Outlook.

Following the steps above, you will be able to successfully download your Lotus Notes email in CSV format. Your whole inbox will not be available for download at once. Each email must be kept separately. Then follow the steps below to import the CSV file into MS Outlook.

Step 2- Import the CSV Files into Outlook.

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Tab on the File button in the menu bar.
  • Next, go to the Open & Export option and then select the Import/Export icon.
  • Select Import from another program or file. In the Import and Export Wizard, click Next.
  • Select Comma Separated Values then Hit the Next button.
  • Go to the Browse button to select the desired location for the folder.
  • Choose the folder in Outlook where you want to Import then hit on the Next button.
  • At last, Click on Finish to complete the process.

The manual Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion technique is simple and free to use. However, they have various limitations.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • You cannot convert emails in bulk using manual techniques. You can only backup one email at a time using these methods.
  • There is a need for technical knowledge which is lacking in most people.
  • File corruption is another important reason why DIY solutions are not preferred. Any error during the steps may result in data loss.

Only technical experts can perform the manual method. I would recommend Professional  NSF to PST free for Beginners as it saves time and effort.

Professional Method to Export Lotus Notes to Outlook

Although the manual method works, it can only import one NSF file at a time. Only one PST mailbox folder can be imported! Use the professional CloudMigration NSF to PST Converter Tool to easily convert Lotus Notes to Outlook files. With this tool, you can convert email to PST, MSG, EML, and other file types. The free version of NSF to PST Converter includes all the functions and you can try out the tool by buying it.

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In this blog, we’ve presented a DIY approach to convert NSF to PST. Your Lotus Notes email may be readily transferred to Outlook without causing any damage to the file. We also went through the fundamentals of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook, as well as why MS Outlook is superior to Lotus Notes. The manual method is effective, but it’s also difficult and time-consuming. As a result, we recommended a more convenient alternative to the manual procedure.