Convert 1tbc to Naira at the Best Online exchange

How to convert 1tbc to naira in Nigeria?

How to convert 1tbc to naira in Nigeria?

TBC (the billion coin) is the new emerging cryptocurrency. It is also a decentralized currency like bitcoin but its structure is different from bitcoin. Naira is the official fiat currency in Nigeria. If you are looking forward to exchange 1tbc to naira in Nigeria, you are at the right place. In Nigeria, trading in different cryptocurrencies is legal. So you can easily trade-in TBC. If you search for a TBC exchange site on Google, You will get so many websites s but most of them are fraudulent. That’s the reason TBC became suspicious. The best online exchange to convert tbc to naira is The exchange procedure is easy and simple.

How many kringles make 1 TBC?

First of all, you need to know what is Kringle because most of the TBC traders and investors don’t know about Kringle and often ask about Kringle. As you know every currency has a smaller or the smallest unit like a dollar to a cent, pound sterling to a penny, and bitcoin to a satoshi. Same like this the smallest unit of TBC is Kringle. Now the most often asked question is how many Kringles make 1 TBC. As you know some number of the smallest units of each currency make a proper currency i.e 100 cents make one dollar. So 1 million Kringles make 1 TBC. According to financial specialists, TBC grows by 5% each day and it keeps on growing day by day. The price of TBC depends on its verified users. 

Which is the best billion coin exchange in Nigeria?

As you know bitcoin is the #1 cryptocurrency in the crypto world so there are multiple bitcoin exchanges and the factor of fraud is a bit less in bitcoin exchange. But as you know TBC is a new cryptocurrency so many fake exchange sites exist. But as discussed above the best site to exchange TBC in Nigeria is This is the official website that provides the best exchange rates. You can get your TBC converted into naira within a matter of seconds through this exchange. The exchange procedure is as follows:

  • Open the exchange website in a web browser
  • Click on Sell TBC
  • You will get a selling form
  • Enter the TBC address and select the currency as naira
  • Then press proceed 
  • On the next page enter the amount of TBC you want to sell
  • Then select the payment method and click confirm

Through this procedure, you will receive instant payment in the form of naira. This exchange website has no exchange limit which means you can exchange any amount of TBC into naira. 

How to exchange TBC to BTC?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that is in a boom nowadays. It can be converted into cash through many exchanges and you can also convert it into any other cryptocurrency. You can convert TBC to BTC as well through reliable exchanges at the best exchange rate. The conversion procedure is simple and easy. The exchange rate of tbc to btc pair is a bit low because TBC is the emerging cryptocurrency. Today’s exchange rate for TBC to BTC is 1 TBC equals 0.00000001 BTC. So you should keep this amount of money in mind if you are heading to exchange 1TBC to BTC. Besides this, you can also convert 1 BTC to TBC through many exchange sites which support such conversion. 

What is tbc current price in naira?

TBC is an emerging cryptocurrency that is being traded by many Nigerian investors. The number of Nigerian traders increases every day who invest in TBC. According to the cryptoanalysts, TBC will reach a boom in the next few days or maybe in the next year. As the price of bitcoin, the price of TBC is also not fixed or stable. It keeps changing daily as it depends on the investment and number of verified users. It means if more people invest in TBC its price increases and vice versa. According to a report, TBC grows by 5% every day and till now its growth has never decreased. As of today 24 June 2021, the price of 1tbc to naira is 300 nairas. If you choose any of the exchange which shows the conversion price of 1tbc to naira below 300 or above 300 nairas then never use that for conversion. The best exchange site is as it provides the best exchange rates without any high exchange fee. You can also subscribe to the website to get the best update about the TBC.

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