What to Know Before Contracting Snow Removal and Snow Blowing Service

Snow Removal

As a responsible homeowner, before the snow season, you are already thinking about how to keep your building free of snow. The next thing that comes to mind is to book a snow removal and snow blowing service to plan your snow removal ahead of the event. Booking a snow removal service will help to keep your building accessible and reduce liability after the snow. Before hiring a snow service, there are some facts you need to understand to prepare you for signing a snow contract.

Snow Removal and Snow Blowing Service: Facts to Consider for Your Home

Now that you have planned to hire a snow removal and snow blowing service, here are three factors: convenience, appearance, and liability. The following questions should be accurately answered:

  1. What areas of your home could create an unsafe situation if left with snow and ice, and would this lead to injury or an accident?
  2. How do you want your home to look, and would you mind drifts of plowed snow?
  3. What areas of your property should you clear to be convenient to your family members, guests, and neighbors?

Parts to Include in Your Plan for Snow Removal Service

Here are some areas of your home that should be included in your plan for snow removal:

  • Parking Lot

Your parking lots may likely be the biggest arm of your home. This is where your guests and family park their vehicles when they visit. If your parking lot is hard to access after a severe snowstorm, your guests may feel unsafe parking outside your home. Clearing snow and ice from your parking lot should be on your top list whenever it is about to snow.

  • Sidewalks and Walkways

In your home, is it obvious that there must be a sideway or walkway to gain access to and from your home? Ensure that these areas are clear of snow for convenience and liability reasons.

Considerations for Paring Lot Snow Removal Contract Estimate

Smaller parking lots take little time to plow. In comparison, larger parking lots take hours to plow. Therefore, you should consider the following to determine your snow removal contract estimate.

  • How big or small is your parking lot? The snow removal contractor will consider the size, which would be added to the charges.
  • Would you prefer your parking lot salted or sanded? Treatment after plowing your parking lot attracts an extra fee. Sanding or using other organic methods could be a considerable option if you have children and a pet in the home.
  • How often and when do you prefer to begin plowing? Contacting your snow service earlier when the snow is still falling will help to clear and make the work easier and affordable. But if your wait till it stops falling, you might have to pay expensively for the removal. Smaller accumulation of snow takes lesser time and charges less. 
  • Do you prefer the snow to be piled or removed? If you want the snow to be trucked away, it may attract an extra cost. 


There are benefits of having a snow contract ahead of the snow season. Once it is getting close to the snow season, get a seasonal contract with snow removal and snow blowing service. Aside from the fact that it guarantees you a slot with the company, you will feel relaxed and have peace of mind knowing snow removal will not be an issue for you. Book your snow removal service before it gets too late and expensive.