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tool to finding email

LinkedIn is a great site for finding potential leads  and customers, but what about their email addresses? ContactOut is a tool that makes finding email addresses on LinkedIn a breeze – no more guesswork required! In this post, we’ll explore how to use ContactOut to find email addresses on LinkedIn, and a handful of tips that should help you make the most of this tool. Let’s get started!

1. Find email address/es of your prospect from his/her LinkedIn profile.

Go to your prospect’s LinkedIn profile. Click the ContactOut extension tool or the sidebar overlay to find your lead’s email address/es. You can either copy the contact information or save it to a designated folder by clicking the Save Profile button. Click the view profile to see it on the ContactOut’s dashboard. By choosing the folder as a query, you’ll get the list of profiles saved accordingly.

2. Save multiple email addresses using ContactOut Chrome Extension. 

Use LinkedIn’s search function to find multiple leads using certain keywords. For example, you can search for a company and click People to see the list of linked profiles connected to the company. Once the site has returned its search results, open the ContactOut extension tool or the sidebar and create a folder for better contact management, as shown below. Set the folder as the default destination, then click the tool to bring up contact details of everyone on the page. Hit Save All Profiles, and voila! You now have a quickly-made contact list. 

3. Utilize ContactOut’s Search Portal

With millions of triple-verified contacts in the tool’s database, ContactOut boasts of giving you a straightforward platform to find email addresses without going anywhere else. You can access the tool’s massive library of people details and contact information by entering the dashboard and clicking Search. This should bring up a search portal that lets you find people through their location, employment, and education.

4. The Data Enrichment Tool – Just sit and  relax, ContactOut got your contact information on the way.

Save your time and effort when you upload information to ContactOut’s Data Enrichment tool. Here, you only need to upload a CSV file containing a list of LinkedIn URLs, email addresses, or company domains. After uploading the csv file, you’ll get a copy with the gaps filled in and all the information you need organized in columns that make contact management easier.

It’s not a secret that the email remains one of the best ways to reach out to people. When you have a contact’s email address, you can be sure that your message will reach them directly. 

ContactOut has other features to boast that provide solutions to lead generation woes. It helps recruiters and salespeople manage contacts efficiently with ATS/CRM integration functionality. There is more productivity with work as contact information generated is accurate and updated.

There are also good alternatives to ContactOut such as Hunter, RocketReach and Lusha. Like ContactOut, it comes with a Free Plan where you can enjoy finding emails at limited features. It is best to check which fits your purpose the most. 

To get started, check ContactOut’s offers below: 

  • Free: 40 contacts / month 
  • Personal: 1,200 contacts / year at $29
  • Professional: 3,600 contacts/ year at $99
  • Recruiter: 7,200 contacts / year   at $199        
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