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The growing trend towards consumer-centric mailer packaging design is a key component to consumer satisfaction and consumer convenience. Consumers are demanding variety in terms of products and packaging designs which allow them to express their tastes and preferences. Variety also enables busy consumers to make better choices on the go. Having variety in attractive, safe, and functional mailer packaging offers consumers the convenience they desire.

Consumer trends are driven by more personal choices and variety. Consumers enjoy bringing their favorite products with them wherever they may go, be it a road trip, potluck event, or simply their back porch.

mailer packaging

Taking the CDs of your favorite songs on a long drive is an old norm. Consumers now enjoy variety over quantity. A variety of multiple-unit wholesale mailer boxes are driving the change. Nowadays, consumers also seek wholesale mailer boxes that are lightweight and portable, convenient to pack and transport. Most importantly, smaller or individual-sized custom printed mailer boxes allow consumers freedom of choice among different options without committing to a large quantity of one product.

Multi-Channel Packaging Challenges

Different types of retail stores and brand outlets require different types of custom printed mailer boxes from manufacturers and sellers. What may work in a supermarket or a retail store may not fit a convenience store or gas station quick shop stop. Choosing the right packaging box for the right setting will ensure that your packaging produces the best consumer response possible.

  • Big-box warehouse-style stores require larger case packages and even pallets of product to display on the floor. Both primary and secondary packaging boxes must be shelf-stable.
  • Convenience stores require smaller custom mailer boxes for individual sales.
  • E-commerce custom mailer boxes may require being sturdy with increased protective properties to protect items during shipping.

Standardizing packaging boxes while meeting the needs of each consumer is a challenge. The need to upgrade packaging equipment across multiple packaging formats is a real concern. With different packaging requirements for different kinds of stores, companies require versatility in production and packaging to meet the array of needs. Read more the general time.

The Packaging Republic suggests you go for a packaging partner who can offer production operations with more flexibility, including the ability to create short runs and deliver on time without sacrificing cost or profitability. Greater use of co-manufacturers and co-packers is a key to develop that flexibility while maintaining fixed costs simultaneously and eliminating the need for upgrades to your production. 

Things to Consider Before Designing Mailer Boxes

Firstly, it is vital to know your industry. Is there a real desire for these types of changes with your product? Do you see a rise in sales for smaller packaging options likeĀ mailer boxes? Next, analyze your current packaging design. Are there any areas in your packaging design that you can tweak or places to make smaller changes to stay current with demand? Finally, test the waters by bringing small yet noticeable changes in your packaging boxes. Consider your plan for a larger modification to our packaging design.

When it comes to convenient packaging, the key is to offer consumers the easiest possible way of choosing your product. Allow smaller sizes and different flavors so that consumers have options. Provide packaging that helps consumers stay healthy without harming the environment, and then tell them about it right on your packaging. Keep label information simple and straightforward.

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