Construction Work on Crowded Sites: Here’s What You Should Know

Having more people on the construction site means that more things can get done in the same amount of time. It also means that there’s no overworking of your staff, seeing as how there’s someone for every task. However, a crowd in the construction site can also be a potential hazard. More people handling dangerous equipment and materials, interfering with each other works and itineraries can be a huge problem. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s what you should do in order to make your crowded construction site a lot safer than it currently is.

Propper PPE policy

There are several components to a great PPE policy.

crowded sites construction
  • Provide everyone with adequate equipment. Keep in mind that while some equipment pieces are universal, there are some which require that you take measures of your employees and customize it to them.
  • Ensure that everyone knows how to properly equip their PPE. Just because they have a helmet it doesn’t mean that the helmet in question is properly fastened. The same goes for the rest of the equipment, as well.
  • Make sure that people are actually wearing the equipment in question. Just because they have it and wear it on the first week, this doesn’t mean that the things will remain so. Regular inspections will keep everyone on their toes.

With the right PPE policy, you will drastically increase the level of preparedness of your staff.

Post signs everywhere

Memorizing all the rules is a good way to approach this issue but it’s actually far from being optimal. Instead, what you’re aiming at is the importance of making this safe behavior a lot easier. What does this mean? Well, according to specialists behind Industroquip Safety Solutions safety signs, floor markings, etc. make construction site hazards hard to ignore. It’s not about knowing where the danger is coming from – it’s about being aware of this 24/7. A sign is merely there to remind/warn you of something that you already know. It’s as simple as that.

Ensure that the work platform is satisfactory

What does a crowded site actually mean? It clearly doesn’t imply that there are too many people on the ground, handling materials. In fact, whenever this term is used, what is actually implied is that it’s crowded on the work platform. So, regardless if you decide to go for a scaffold or a scissor lift make sure that you read its specification and dimensions. Then, compare it to the number of crew members currently on the site. Also, make sure that a proper railing is installed, as well as that no one goes up there without proper safety training.

Don’t push for deadlines too hard

One of the main reasons why injuries often occur in construction sites is, coincidentally, similar to the reason why a site will be overcrowded – you’re behind on the schedule. Now, this is a major organizational mistake and this is where the most dangerous of accidents start happening. First of all, being behind means being in a rush, overlooking flaws, slackening on safety standards, and even staying overtime (when everyone is already tired and their focus has dropped). In order to avoid this, make sure to plan properly and give yourself at least 10% more time than you believe you objectively need.

Stick to the manual

Every tool comes with an owner’s manual. Here, you’ll find the exact specification on how specific pieces of equipment are to be used safely and effectively. What this means is that putting more load on your forklift is not a clever trick that will help you get one less trick and save time/gas. Instead, it’s a dangerous practice that puts people and materials in danger, not to mention that it damages your forklift. Just read what’s written in the manual and apply it in real life. It’s that simple.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is that it really comes down to exercising consistent alertness. Sure, you can teach your employees how much load it is safe to load on the forklift but you need to make sure that there are no exceptions when it comes to the actual loading. The same thing goes for every other aspect we’ve discussed on this list.