6 Factors you must consider while choosing your knee replacement surgeon

knee replacement surgeon

Old age comes with its own set of problems that hamper your daily activities. One of them is the problem related to the knee where people often have no choice left but to go for knee replacement surgery. You might be looking for the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai if you have made up your mind about the surgery. As this is an important decision, you need to consider all the factors and then choose your surgeon. Opting for a good surgeon will give you confidence that you are in safe hands. Furthermore, you will be sure of a speedy recovery with high chances of success. So, let’s give a read to the various factors you must consider before choosing your knee replacement surgeon. 

Approaching the known ones 

The best and the easiest way to find a good surgeon for your knee replacement is to ask your known ones. You may approach your friends or office colleagues who are in contact with a good orthopedic surgeon. If they or one of their family members got knee replacement surgery done by a surgeon, you may ask them about their experience. If they are recommending a name, do not forget to ask them the reason for the same. 

Knowing the surgeon 

When you have finally come up with a name that looks like a desirable option, make sure that you know the surgeon. You must spend time exploring the website of the surgeon and collecting all relevant information about him or her. If your surgeon is amongst the top knee surgeons in Mumbai, it would be an added advantage that you have an expert performing surgery on your knees. You must also check out the detailed background of the surgeon including degrees, board certifications, training, and recognition in his name. 

Experience in complicated cases 

The next thing to consider is the experience of the knee replacement surgeon. The experience of the surgeon will reveal a lot about him and his approach to the cases. Ensure that you try to know his or her experience and success rate in complicated cases. If your surgeon holds success in the most complicated cases as well, you are good to go with him or her. You know the surgeon is worth paying the knee replacement cost in Mumbai, keeping in mind, he or she resolves even the complications. 

Comparison before decision 

It is not a crime to compare the qualifications, experience, credentials, and various other aspects of one surgeon with the other. While you are taking time exploring the website of the surgeon you are considering, you can go through the list of other surgeons as well. This will help in providing enough information that will determine the best possible option of the surgeon before you. 

Cost of the surgery 

The knee replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is one of the important factors you ought to consider before finalizing your surgeon. Everything regarding the surgery revolves around your budget and if the surgery cost is beyond your budget, you need to review other options. So, if all the aspects of your surgeon match up to your expectations, you can finally take an estimate of the surgery cost from him or her. If the surgery cost provided by your surgeon is within your budget, you can take a step forward in working things out. 

Taking an appointment 

Now that you have considered the various aspects, you can book an appointment with the surgeon to discuss the procedure. You must provide relevant details and your complete medical history to your surgeon so that he or she can plan the treatment for your surgery. You must not forget to ask your surgeon about the precautionary measures needed to take before the surgery. Ask your surgeon to provide you with a list of instructions including the right diet plan. If there’s anything that you need to avoid, you must ask about the same to your surgeon as this will help in recovery. 


These are some of the most important factors that you must keep in mind before choosing your knee replacement surgeon. This will help you in selecting the best surgeon for your requirements and ensure that you have an experienced surgeon for a major surgery of yours.