Why Should One Consider Cremation Services Over Other Traditional Funeral Methods

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When it comes to death, there are two accepted options you can consider to say goodbye to your loved one. It could be either burial or cremation. Burial has been a common choice for many people across the globe. However, cremation services have become quite popular in recent times and have improved over the last few years. 

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of cremation services. It is extensively acknowledged as it is much more earth-friendly compared to other methods. It allows for conserving land, unlike burial in which bodies are placed in a grave. 

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Cremation is Cost-Effective:

One of the crucial reasons for the popularity of cremation services is that it is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for a casket to cremate a dead body. No burial ground or headstone is required for this purpose. Moreover, you don’t have to bear any extra funeral costs through cremation. If you want to use a casket, you can make use of it at a cost-effective price. 

The simplicity of the method,  which includes ceremony and conditions, makes it even more useful. Depending on budget and preference, people can choose the service to save a significant deal of time and money. 

Cremation service also allows you to perform rituals with the ashes. Many people perform rituals by scattering ashes in a place or an area that give special meaning to their loving one. Many choose to disperse ashes at the sea, local burial ground, and mountain top and family belongings. The thought behind such convention is to keep the reminiscences of the deceased active so that survivors can visit the place at their ease in honor of the dead. 

With the help of cremation services, families can keep ashes in the decorative urn which is prepared with the ceramic material glass, wood, metal, and durable materials. Most of these urns use eco-friendly materials and are aesthetically pleasing. 

Respect for the Remains

Many people scatter ashes on different pieces of jewelry to keep the memories of a deceased alive. Some prefer to create memorial jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, and brooch, among others. 

Jewelry is also made up of high-quality materials that last long for years. You may also want to have elements that meet your requirements best and are integrated with the ashes of your loved one to keep their reminiscences lively. The most effective way to dispatch a loved one in a praiseworthy way. With many service providers in the market, it might be a little confusing for you to choose the service. So, perform extensive research to find the best service for the cremation of your loving one. 

Why is Cremation an Affordable Option?

Let’s discuss economics for a moment. Well, for those who haven’t had to plan a funeral and burial for a long time, the comparison between traditional funerals and cremations might be a little surprising.

Direct cremations are more cost-effective than direct burials, as they do not require embalming. Beyond that, you can keep the body in an alternative container instead of a casket. Unlike burial, cremation is a simpler process that also saves ground space. 

As for costing is concerned, the price for a traditional burial and funeral is over $8, 500, almost 30 percent more than an average burial and funeral cost. But cremation services can save you over $2,500. Many people opt for a more informal kind of memorial service to save much more. 

Perhaps, it is the cost difference that sees such a remarkable increase in the rate of cremations in recent years. In 2015, the price of cremation was almost 50%, and by 2020, it’s likely to increase by 20%. People still want a dignified way to honor their loved ones; however, they find that they can do that and  save money by choosing cremation services over a traditional funeral burial. 

Impact on the Environment

There’s endless debate among supporters of either choice as to which option has the least negative impact on the environment. A school of thought discards the cremation method because a significant amount of pollutants are released during the cremation process. Others address the lack of biodegradability of materials used in traditional caskets as well as the toxicity of embalming fluids as the reason why they consider cremation as a better green choice. 

Religious Belief

Today, the choice of burial or cremation is a deeply personal one. Even until the 1960s, cremation was forbidden by the Catholic Church. The ban was lifted later on. However, as per religious norm, the cremated remains should be buried rather than scattered or taken home by the survivors. 

Cremation is also forbidden by Baptist and other fundamentalist Christian denominators as well as the Eastern Orthodox Church. However, today, the practice is accepted by many of these religious sects.

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