Top 10 things to consider before buying iPhone cover


At present, the iPhone is the most trending gadget for almost all people of generation ‘Y’. Besides, more than 100 million people are using different models of iPhones and it is needless to mention that all the models of iPhones are awfully delicate as per their physiques! There are a lot of examples of iPhones getting injured due to free fall from the user’s hand or smashed accidentally! So the user needs to be really careful while handling one. Not only to preserve the iPhone’s delicacy but the user should be cautious about its expensiveness. It won’t be convenient for all to spend huge amounts of money buying luxurious phones like the iPhone again and again. Therefore the iPhone users are always recommended to install sturdy and stylish phone covers for their iPhones that will maintain their safety and simultaneously keep them stylish as well. There are lots of iPhone covers available both online and offline marketplaces. But the users get confused about which brand to trust on and what criterias to be fulfilled for choosing the right cover for any particular model of iPhone.

By keeping all these probabilities in mind we have tried to profile up a few useful matters that required to be checked before buying the perfectly matched phone for your iPhone. So let’s zoom in to the next section to check them out quickly!

Facts to check for buying the perfect iPhone covers:

Type of the case

There are different types of phone cases with specific features, functions, materials, prices. Choose one according to your iPhone model’s compatibility and make sure that your phone is fitted well in it. Buy a phone cover that provides your phone maximum breakage coverage, dust and grime protections, won’t make your phone overheated while charging etc.

Choose a raised lipped cover to protect the phone screen

Any smartphone’s as well as Apple phone’s screen needs to be well guarded always. So when you buy a cover for your iPhone make sure that it’s lips raised enough that might protect your phone screen to some extent. 

Transparent cover

Few people want to flaunt the original design of their iPhone models. So they choose clear phone covers for their iPhones. But the disadvantage of the plastic or silicone made clear covers are they could have scratches on them and might not be heat resistant. So better to choose basic or customized wooden or carbon fiber covers. 

Raw material of the cover

Look for a suitable phone material that would be comfortable for your hand to grip it. If you want harder grip choose a phone case with a frictional surface whereas if you want a smoother finish and glossier look choose a finely polished material phone cover. Along with that check how much protection your cover material is offering to your phone. Check that your phone’s cover is compatible for wireless charging. Here are some iPhone case materials listed below:

  1. Plastic
  2. Silicone
  3. Raw Woods and bamboo
  4. Leathers and synthetic leathers
  5. Aramid fiber
  6. Carbon fiber

Check the opening slots for charging port, headphone jacks or lightning connectors etc

There are some specific phone covers manufactured only for iPhones. Such as those that have lightning ports, charger jacks or headphone points at the bottom portion of the phone end just like Apple’s own leather and silicon phone covers.

Make sure that the cover is not adding extra weight to your iPhone 

Always choose a light phone cover that won’t add a lot of bulk weight to your phone. If your phone cover adds extra weight to your phone, it will be difficult to hold it during a long phone call.

Go through the reviews of previous customers 

Most of the online customers nowadays leave reviews for their purchased products from online websites. Check those reviews to sort list your product recommendations. Focus on the positive reviews of the customers and choose your phone cover based on those reviews.

Check for the customer ratings

If you are buying an iPhone cover online, you must check the product ratings of the previous customers and then proceed further. 

Consider your phone cover budget 

This one is supposed to be the prior concern of the buyer. Set a convenient budget  to buy your iPhone covers. Make sure that it should not be too cheap or highly costly. Choose one that would be eye-catching and simultaneously pocket friendly. Along with that, compare the prices on different online or offline marketplaces before investing in. Always buy smartphone accessories from reputed websites if you don’t get fraud.

Look for suitable designs, style,  features and functions 

Whenever you are looking for a phone case for your iPhone, choose one that would enhance your phone’s grace! Make sure to buy a long-lasting one and pick a design that won’t make you monotonic after a while. Moreover if you don’t want to show up the dirt and grimes try to buy a colorful and subtle designed one that doesn’t need to be cleaned frequently. On the other hand, a dark colored phone case gives your phone a more corporate look.

Modern phone case manufacturers add different features to the phone cases like built-in-stand, shock absorbance, rubber grips, and so on. Some manufacturers customized phone cases on customers’ demands. In case you are concerned about your phone’s protection, choose a cover with high end construction.

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