connect your phone to PS4

Speaking with your gaming friends, you discovered that it is possible to connect your smartphone to the PlayStation 4 to stream games or type text more quickly on the console.

Are you intrigued by this particular feature and would like to know how to connect the phone to the PS4? Then you’ve come to the right place, at the right time! In this guide, I will show you different ways to make the connection between the two devices. I’ll tell you right away that to do this you can use the PS4 Remote Play function and the practical PlayStation App, available for Android and iPhone smartphones.

How to connect your phone to the PS4

There are several methods of connecting the phone to the PS4. In any case, however, before starting you must make sure that the console is connected to the same network as your smartphone.

If the router is far from the console, I suggest you opt for a Wi-Fi connection: to connect the PlayStation 4 to the Wi-Fi network, go to the Settings menu (the toolbox icon ). Once this is done, go to Network> Set up connection> Internet> Use Wi-Fi> Typical and select the home network’s name to which your smartphone is also connected. Now, type in the log-in password and proceed, in order to connect. Alternatively, if your router and PS4 are close together, you can connect via an Ethernet cable.

Once this is done, you need to log into your PlayStation Network account by going to Settings> PlayStation Network / Account Management and selecting Sign in to PlayStation Network. If you want to know more about I leave you my dedicated tutorial. In this section, log in by entering your User ID and Password. If you haven’t created a PlayStation Network account yet, you can read the guide I just linked to, in which I’ll explain how to do it in no time.

Remote Play

Well, now that you’ve connected your PS4 to your smartphone network and logged in to PlayStation Network, we can get to the heart of this tutorial.

Among the various systems for connecting your phone to the PlayStation 4, one of the most useful is Remote Play (or Remote Play) which allows you to stream PS4 titles and play directly from your smartphone. In this specific case, it is not necessary that the phone and console are connected to the same network (in fact it is possible to play even outside the home).

To use Remote Play, you need to set up your console for remote play and download a free app. To begin, turn on the PS4 and access the Settings screen. Then go to the Remote Play connection settings and activate the Enable Remote Play item. After this step, you need to enable your PlayStation 4 as the main console, so that you can enjoy remote play from other devices.

Then, tap on PS4 in the console selection screen, in order to start the connection between the PlayStation 4 and your smartphone automatically. Once this is done, you can control and stream play from your phone, using the app’s touch controller.

If the connection fails, PS Remote Play will warn you with the message Cannot find PS4. At this point,  If you want to know more about businessnewspark I leave you my dedicated tutorial.  tap on entering Number, then on the PlayStation 4 go to Settings> System> Remote Play and select Connect device to see the number. Now all you have to do is type it in the space provided on the PS Remote Play app screen and start the connection.

Second Screen

Another app that allows you to connect your smartphone and PS4 is PS4 Second Screen, also available on both Android (on the Play Store and alternative stores ) and on the iPhone. It allows you to control the PlayStation 4 from your phone (for example to type text more easily) and to access additional information for games that support the Second Screen.

Once downloaded, open the app and tap Next on the main screen, while on the next screen select Confirm and continue, or on Change Setting to set up app data sharing. Then, again through the app, you will need to connect to your PlayStation Network account, making sure it is the same one used on the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation App

PlayStation App is a very convenient app that allows you to manage some of the PS4’s online functions directly from your smartphone, even when the console is off. With this handy app, you can buy / download games and content on your console, manage your storage and chat with your PSN friends.

At this point, you will be able to see the Play screen (the controller icon) with the titles you have recently played and the related trophies you have earned. To see PlayStation Blog news and posts, tap the Explore icon, while to access the store, select the PlayStation Store icon.

If, on the other hand, you want to see the list of purchased titles, tap on Game Collection. You can also search for a game or a player using the Search function, which can be activated by tapping the appropriate icon in the shape of a magnifying glass.

To see your friends and chat with them, tap on the icon at the top left of the app screen, then select the friend with whom to start a conversation. If you want to change your profile settings, select Play and then tap on your profile picture.

By Anurag Rathod

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