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The TPLink Deco E4 wireless router is a next generation wireless router used to extend the network coverage upto 1000 square feet over a wide area. It delivers a speed of almost 1200MBps  which allows the users to enjoy video streaming and gaming without any buffering. Its 3 pack combination extends the coverage upto 4000 square feet. It can provide a stable and secure connection even when 100+ devices are connected at the same time by merging the network traffic. The mode selector option allows you to select the range extender, router, and access point mode. The round shape and LED lights enhance the beauty of the workplace and the home. It has an ethernet port and a power slot at the left, and a reset button at the bottom. The setup is simple and can be done using the WPS button and web interface.

A separate network with parental control allows the user to surf the internet connection privately.

The app based user interface is very friendly and offers to control the Deco router from anywhere. The voice command feature allows you to pair up with Alexa and manage the router giving the voice command.

What LED Light Color Of TPLink Deco E4 Wireless Router Indicates?

The TPLink Deco router shows different colors when it is running. These may be white, red, yellow, and blue

Yellow Color

When the yellow LED light is blinking, it means the router is resetting but when it turns into solid yellow then the Deco is treating up.

White Color

When the white LED light flashes, the firmware upgrade is in progress. But when it turns into solid white, it means Deco is registered and all the features are working well.

Blue Color

When the router’s blue LED light flashes, it means the Deco is ready for setup. But when it turns into a solid blue, the setup process is completed.

Red Color

When the red LED light is blinking, it means the router is disconnected from the Deco. It turns into a solid red when Deco detects an issue.

Setup Of TPLink Deco E4 Wireless Router Using Deco app

You can access the login page by visiting in the web browser search box and downloading the Deco app from the store. But here we are gonna discuss the procedure to set up the router using the Deco app. Follow these instructions to do so.

Download the Deco app by scanning the QR code available at the bottom of the router or directly by Store. Now create a TPLink ID. You can connect your TPLink Deco to the router, with an ethernet cable. Make sure that the modem is turned off. Now turn on the Deco and modem and Select the location at which you placed your DEco. Choose the connection type and enter the details. A new interface with creating your WiFi network will show, enter the network details and connect it. Deco network is accomplished when you hit the connection option. 

Now we are gonna explain the procedure to connect your deco with Alexa

Connect Your TPLink Deco E4 Wireless Router With Alexa

To connect your TPLink Deco with Alexa, the following steps should be kept in mind

Download the Alexa app from the Store and log in with Alexa ID to proceed. Tap on the 3 lines available at the top left and choose Skill and Games. Now you will see the TPLink router by typing into the search box. Tap on it and hit the Enable button. A new interface with the TPLink login page will appear. Enter the TPLink login ID and click on the Authorise option. Your Alexa device is successfully linked with the Deco app.


I have been using this router for the last 6 months, and everything is working well. It is a very good wireless router and enhances the appearance of the workplace and home with shining LED lights. You can manage all the settings just by typing login in the search box. Its speed is very good and coverage can be extended by connecting more Decos.  Easily set up using the web interface and aby its app. A separate guest network allows the users to surf the internet connection without letting others know. It is managed by giving voice commands, as it is compatible with Alexa. Overall, a great product in this affordable price range and I must recommend all buyers to go for it.

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