Technology is dominating every aspect of human life. It has taken over from conventional methods to modern methods to which we called as automation. As before, the manufacturing of a car that can be done through the manpower of hundred persons can be done with merely five persons. The rest of the work is been done through the automized method. That’s the impactful stature of technology in our life.

  While we are more concerned with automized methods. Let’s get to the detail about this in the structural industry. The time when designing any building, we use a drafter, a drawing sheet, a geometry box, etc to the first model that building on paper. Then by using a calculator, we find out the loads and stresses been acted upon suddenly or gradually on that particular building. In the end, we get the result that might vary due to natural human errors.

As time went on, these papers and pencils are been replaced by an automized method that is through the help of Information Technology because conventional methods are quite time-consuming and not that accurate as well. The modern methods are methods for designing software applications like STAAD pro and ETABS. These two software are the most popular structural design software in the market. STAAD Pro training and ETABS online courses  are available on the Civil Engineering  online courses platform where you can get in-depth knowledge about how these vital software work.

Even then, many civil engineering aspirants get confused about which design software application to go for. As both the software carries equal stature in the market. Perhaps, the best way to distinguish is through the Civil Era online platform. Here we shall be accurately defining both the design software concerning modern applications on advancer structural engineering. Let’s get started.

Major difference between STAAD pro &ETABS :-

STAAD PRO   STAAD Pro is a structural design software used for analysis of large buildings and infrastructures.   STAAD Pro is been owned by UK giant Bentley Systems currently.     STAAD Pro stands for structural analysis and design program.         The working tools used in STAAD pro are more like a nodal system where we need to consider the points upon which the whole modelling works.       It is less user-friendly software application comparatively.     Large time period is required to gain proficiency in this software.     STAAD pro is more expensive comparatively but that too depends on whether we are opting it for consultancy services or some other purposes.     Higher accuracy can be gained through STAAD pro.     The latest free version being V8i can be downloaded through internet ( with certain terms & conditions )     To assign the load in STAAD pro, we first need to go loading ribbon tab, select the combination tool where we need to enter the load combination name then selecting the combination type whether that’s the primary load or existing load combination and then click on load combination definition.     The basic system requirements to install STAAD pro are Minimum of 512 MB of RAM, disk space should be minimum 500 MB and should have window 7 or more.    ETABS   ETABS is also a structural design software used primarily for multi-storey building analysis.   ETABS is been owned by USA company Computers and Structures.   ETABS stands for Extended Three-Dimensional Analysis of Building System.       The working tools of ETABS are more like AutoCAD tool where any person having a basic knowledge of AutoCAD can operate this software to some level.     It is more user-friendly software application compared to STAAD Pro.   Merely within few days user can gain proficiency in this software.     ETABS software is less expensive compared to STAAD pro.           Less accurate when we compared it with STAAD pro.     The latest version being ETABS 19.0.0 that require a licence in order to download from internet.     To assign the load in ETABS, we first need to click on Assign>shell loads>loads               The basic requirements to install ETABS are minimum 8 GB of RAM with at least 6 GB of minimum space required.

Above are some of the basic differences between STAAD pro and ETABS software that must be considered before choosing between these two. Now let us do the detail analysis of the differences.

As from the first difference we can easily assume the fact that STAAD Pro is more versatile in use whereas ETABS is only used in multi-story building analysis.

  In terms of ownership, there is no much difference. Talking about the fourth difference, if the person knows AutoCAD to a basic level, it’s easy for him/her to operate ETABS to somehow good level. But on the other hand, STAAD pro works on a nodal system that is for very large infrastructures, we can simply assume the points. Both these aspects are vital. It depends on your capability.

ETABS is easier to operate and within few days of learning, you can easily gain proficiency in the software. But STAAD pro is more in a standard form but if once learned by its user then it’s beneficial in a long run. Also STAAD pro is more expensive compared to ETABS.

 Talking about the basic requirements, for ETABS more complex and advanced system is been required to run this software whereas its opposite in the case of STAAD pro.

Summarising the whole content, in short, it all depends on your needs and capability about what kind of proficiency and aspects you are looking for. Willing to compromise on the user-friendly aspect and wants a standard machine tool for your effective result then STAAD pro is a premium choice for you. But, if you are a beginner or not proficient in using the software much often, then ETABS.


Both the software have their value. Though for budget-friendly users ETABS is an option. But finally, if you ask me to choose between two then yes, STAAD pro should be your preferred option!

 Hope this helped you in choosing between the two. Liked the content then do share it with all the needful aspirants. Have a great day. Bye!

By Anurag Rathod

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