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Many people hype on the super bowl game while many others enjoy the conference championship much more than it. Instead of only one game, the fans get two or more games between four of the NFL outstanding teams to determine the winner to participate in the big game. Participation in the conference championship allows different games or rather teams to showcase their worth. Their use of a hard non-scientific formula combines the stats of the game, highlights the reels, and builds what seems to make sense. 

This article provides you with the best conference championship games in the history of the NFL.

The 1999 NFC championship game

The results of this game came out to be St. Louis Ram 11, and Tampa bay buccaneers 6.

It is a matchup, although known as the greatest show of the turf offense, that contains the rams and stingy defensive Buccaneers, which was the most defensive. Coached by Tony Dungy, the Bucs stifled Ram’s efforts. But all the same, the Rams still managed to take the lead in the game during the fourth quarter through the pass that was performed by Kurt Warner.

2011 AFC championship game

The results of this game were the Pittsburgh Steelers 24 against New York 19

During this game, the Pittsburgh Steelers were in a position to breathe with ease following the survival of the furious rally from the jets from New York. By halftime, they had managed to beat them by 24-3. On the other hand, the jet scored 16 points in a row, which made things very interesting in that game. While at it, the Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, was in his best look while moving the offensive pair due to their touchdowns.

2001 NFC championship game

The outcome for this game was st. Louis rams won over the Philadelphia eagle by 29-24

During the game, the Rams did limit their offensiveness during the first half of the game. But during the send half, they got their bigger performance from the quarterback Kurt Warner where they run back to Marshall Faulk. While the Eagles were leading the first half of this game, they did not manage to win as they failed to maintain their momentum against the attack of the Rams. The eagles made their final shot to win this game by getting the passion for owning the 45- yard line that had only a few minutes left. However, the Rams were not in a position to intercept a Donovan McNabb pass which did seal their victory.

2008 NFC championship game

The outcome of this game was that the Arizona Cardinals won over the Philadelphia Eagles by 32-25.

While the cardinals had a wide receiver, who is Larry Fitzgerald, who got what he wanted by achieving their winning, this is because, during the field day in the 2008 NFC championship, the eagles had three touchdowns, but the cardinals surprised everyone through him.

2010 NFC championship game

The outcome of this game was New Orleans winning over the Minnesota Viking by 31-28.

This came out as an overtime heartbreaker to the Vikings since they had several offensive fireworks. The two teams had over 700 yards of the offensive, but the Vikings dramatically outshined the saints. That was nothing since the saints managed to capitalize everything as they won against them.

In their second half, they had regained their momentum but still did not manage to make a complete comeback. Therefore, the Steelers were in a position to switch off the clock, which in turn allowed them to win.

2010 NFC championship

The outcome of this game was Green Bay Packers 21- Chicago Bears 14.

The Bears could pull off one of the greatest upset in the history of the NFL, but they were in a position to close the existing gap with the packers during the 2010 NFC championship. by losing the quarterback on one of them, Jay Cutler, to injury, he was accused of faking it which disappointed Todd Collins who was the second Stringer. This lead to early scoring immediately after his replacement bringing forth other points. When he threw off the pick-six, he was responding to the mistakes of leading a drive that was to end at the 35-yard. This brings about the deficit back within the seven points attained. Although they didn’t win, Hannie of the bears stepped up admirably into a hard situation which surprised many people. From it, quarterback packers also had a good day through Aaron, although his stat line didn’t prove it.

2007 NFC championship game

The results for this game were New York giants a 23 against the Green Bay Packers 20.

Every time the giants had a history of continued leadership, and so is in this game as well. It is good to note this was the last game for the quarterback Brett being a Green Bay Packer when they lost to the Giants.

2006 AFC championship game

During this game, the Indianapolis color won with 38 points against the New England Patriots, who had 34 points. On their quarterback, Peyton of colts got over their struggles of losing to the patriots and made a history of 18 points in his comeback. This is the largest of all comebacks in the conference championship games to ever exist.

1982 NFC championship game

The outcome for this game was the San Francisco 28 against Dallas cowboys, who had 27.

There is a lot to talk about this game other than the catch. By their scores and stiff competition is clear this was a special game.

1990 NFC championship game

 The results for this game were that the New York giant had 15 points while San Francisco scored 13 points.

This is game had a real physical battle that led to disappointing hits and injuries o the players of both teams who began the quarterback. This led to the game coming down to the most known clutch in the history of the NFL.


If you are looking forward to sports betting, you will always want to know the history of conference championship games in the history. The above article has addressed the best of them that you give you insights on the trends in the world of the conference championship.

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