Cone ice cream cover ideas to boost your sale right now

custom ice cream cone sleeves

Ice cream is perfect for the taste buds of all ages of people. No single person in this world hates and doesn’t love the appetizing taste of ice cream. It is available in various flavors for people as per their taste. Some most luscious flavors are pistachio, strawberry, mango, vanilla, cookie mint chocolate, and coffee. When the colorful toppings are placed on the peak of ice cream cones, it gives the loveliness look for your customers. As an ice cream shop owner, you need to focus on your branding and marketing. And, you can build the best and profitable relationships with your customers by improving your packaging. Let us see the benefits of ice cream cone covers. 

Pros of cone ice cream covers 

If you work in the cosmetic or food industry, you need proper packaging for various reasons. Similarly, the use of cone ice cream covers for your ice cream cones is mandatory to make positive impressions. Some of the reasons are enlisting below for you:

  • Secure your ice cream from dust particles 
  • Make your ice cream cone adorable to fetching beholders 
  • The best source of customer impulse behaviors
  • Superbly work for brand and marketing’s 

Role of customization in cone ice cream covers

 Customization yield the opportunities to make your cone ice cream covers appealing and awesome for your target audiences. You can choose your ice cream cone sizes, materials, add-ons, and many other options to increase the value of your ice creams. Apart from this, you can decide what type of ice cream packaging you want to serve your target customers. Moreover, you have the option to print what type of designs you want to print on your ice cream waffle cones. 

Where to buy cone ice cream covers?

If you want to find the best and trustworthy place for custom ice cream cone covers, then you visit the City Of Packaging; they provide brilliant and fabulous ice cream cones for their clients. You can discuss your ice cream cones requirement and many other options with their support representative and experts. 

Hygienic and multilayers cardstock of ice cream cones 

The most considering thing when you design your ice cream cone wrappers is the quality of the material. The material you choose must be hygienic proof and having the ability to hold the ice cream cones securely easily. In this regard, you have options to use cardboard, Kraft, and aluminum foil-made ice cream cone sleeves for your ice cream parlor. 

Typically, brands use paper that multilayer material and covered with PE (polyethylene) layer. Such layers of plastic make the wrapper water-resistant. This factor is the best consideration for brands that want to secure their products from potential contaminations. But, nowadays, the use of aluminum foil and metalized ice cream cones is at its peak to make your ice cream packaging durable. You can get such sort of packaging from the City Of Packaging at affordable prices.  

Different sizes of ice cream cones covers 

Ice cream cone sleeves are available in various sizes, so you can pick the suitable size for your waffle cones as per your customer’s demand. Here are some sizes of ice cream waffle cone sleeves that explain below for you. 

  1. Ultra mini size cone sleeves- 130mm
  2. Micro mini size cover – 133mm 
  3. Micro size cone sleeves 136mm 
  4. Mini cone sleeves- 140mm 
  5. Standard size scone sleeve -150mm
  6. Jumbo size cone sleeves-165mm 

So, you can get these ice cream cones in any size from the City Of Packaging as per your customer’s demand. If you want to make the custom size of waffle cones, then discuss with the experts to get cone sleeves as per the size of the biscuit waffle. 

What is the adhesive material used for ice cream one sleeves?

In recent times, to consider the hygienic issues related to food and eco-friendly packaging, the trend of using chemicals glues eradicating. Nowadays, the packaging’s experts suggested edible glue that is not harmful if your want to eat a whole waffle from the bottom side after removing custom ice cream cone sleeves. This glue is corn syrup that is plain, ordinary, and old corn syrup. So, brands use food-grade material for sealing the cone sleeve after wrap around the waffle cones. 

Unique and customized cone ice cream covers designs 

Now it’s time to move our thinking towards the quirky and unique design of custom cone sleeves. Engaging graphic designs is the top need to grasp the attention of our customers to boost your sales as sons as possible. Add to this; the engrossing design patterns on waffle cone jackets make an apple eye for your target customers. 

Flavor printing on ice cream covers 

The first and most common ice cream wrapper design is to print inside ice cream flavor on the packaging. For instance, if you want to sell mango ice cream, then print the mango on its custom ice cream cone sleeves. It provides the authentication of the products and increases their visibility for your target audiences. Similarly, you can use print strawberry, cotton candy, chocolate, orange, and raspberry. The City Of Packaging is the best ice cream cone sleeve supplier that prints all flavors according to your demands. 

Kids favorite ice cream cones 

Kid’s favorite ice cream cones have HD quality and funny illustrative characters with creamy or fluffy font text. Add to this; you need to use the balance combination of sparkling and bright colors with light pastels for your ice cream jackets. Such sort of packaging superbly works to grasp the attention of, especially kids. 

Rainbow pattern ice cream cones 

The color of the rainbow is the superlative path to captivate your target audiences and particularly rainbow lovers. You can print all rainbow colors red, yellow, green, orange, blue, violet, and indigo. The graphic experts of City Of Packaging help you to make perfect rainbow pattern ice cream cone covers for your shop. Add to this; you can print the unicorn that is similarly connected with the rainbow pattern.

Logo printed ice cream cone sleeves 

Another esthetic design of ice cream cone sleeves is logo printed ice cream cones sleeves your ice cream parlors. The logo is the best part of communication among you and your target audiences. So, you can print various types of logos on ice cream cone sleeves. Some famous types of ice cream cone sleeves are here for you. 

  • Monogram logo 
  • Wordmark logo 
  • Mascot logo 
  • Combination mark 
  • The emblem logo 
  • Symbol logo 

However, you can choose the best one from these logos to make your brand word of mouth in the industry. Also, you have the option to use a unique font style and size for the logo as per your desire. To get ice cream sleeves with the logo printed, you can contact the City Of Packaging. 

Character personalization on ice cream cones 

Character personalization is to print the famous characters on ice cream cone jackets to attract audiences who love those characters. Many characters of fiction movies are common that you can use on cone sleeves. Here is some name of famous characters that you can print on your ice cream cones.

  • Spiderman
  • Batmen 
  • Anna
  • Elsa 
  • Scooby doo 

Holographic ice cream cones 

Holographic ice cream cones have silver color that reflects various colors in lights. Such sort of foil is used for business cards and packaging logos. You can use a holographic effect for a particular design or area. But if you want to make a whole ice cream cone by using this sheet, you can go for it. 

Emoji printing ice cream cones 

Sometimes your ice cream packaging must be looking funny to spread positive vibes among people. So, print emoji’s on the ice cream cone sleeves in different sizes you want to see on your ice cream cone wrappers. The use of yellow color emoji’s on the ice cream cones attract your target audiences. 

Spot UV pattern ice cream cones 

Basically, the spot UV pattern is an additional add-on that is popular in the industry. It provides the glossy and shiny look to a particular surface of your ice cream cone sleeves that you want to see with this pattern. If you want this design pattern on your wholesale custom cone sleeves, then you can visit the brand that earlier mention in this article. 

Summer strips ice cream cones 

This cone sleeve design consists of summer strips that print on your ice cream cones in various sizes. Add to this; one panel is colorful, and the other panel is white. It contains one pastel with white color to provide a cooling effect to your ice cream cone sleeves. These summer strip design patterns look gorgeous in the enlisting pastels. 

  • Cyan 
  • Soft pink 
  • Indigo 
  • Violet 
  • Parrot green 

Polka dot ice cream cones 

The indulgence of polka dot on your waffle cone jackets makes them more embellish and ostentatious for your target audiences. This design never ends on the use of a polka dot; it has multiple options for more personalization. For example, you can use multicolor polka dots on your ice creams jackets. Add to this; you can use different sizes of polka dot, like mini, small, medium, and large sizes, on your ice cream according to your interest.  You can use one color polka dot and a two-color combination for this design pattern. 

Nuts printing on ice cream cone wrappers 

Some people love nuts and want to eat nut ice cream cones. Therefore, when you pack nuts, ice cream in the wrapper that prints with luscious nuts must attract them to buying your cones. The most favorite nuts you can print on your ice cream cone wrappers wholesale are almond, walnuts, and pistachio. 

Juicy ice cream cone covers 

If you sell juicy and icy ice cream, then you can use this sort of packaging. For instance, your brand sells frozen icy orange ice cream cones or Popsicle ice cream; then, you need to print juicy orange pulp on your ice cream covers. Add to this; if you can sell raspberry Popsicle, then you must use juicy ice cream cone covers with red lightning or reflection effects. 

Tie a knot on up discussions:

The aforementioned discussions are quite to display the best cone ice cream covers designs that work to boost your sales. Plus, it explains the role of customization in ice cream cones, best quality material, various sizes of ice cream cones sleeves, and explain the adhesive material for ice cream cones. Add to this; you make versatile designs for custom cone sleeves by adding your creativity. Now it’s your turn to open the doors of creativity and swapping your ideas to make high-quality ice cream cone sleeves. 

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