Know the Complete Information about TDS in Tally Prime Course

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TDS is an important part of the direct taxation mechanism. The government used TDS as a same-source tax collection tool to minimize tax evasion and relieve the taxpayer from the burden of paying lump-sum taxes at the end of the tax year. Thereafter, the responsible person must deduct a certain percentage of taxes before making the payment to the recipient such payments include rent, commission, fee, salary, interest, etc. The company or person making the payment after deducting TDS is referred to as the deductor and the entity or person receiving the payment is referred to as the deducted.

In this course, you will learn about the TDS and its accounting in Tally Prime.

About TDS in Tally Prime Course

•    An introduction to TDS.

•    TDS deduction and consequences of not deducting TDS.

•    Procedure and time for filing TDS Statements.

•    TDS Certificates and TDS Credits on Form 26AS.

•    Set up your books for TDS in Tally Prime Course.

•    TDS ledgers, expense ledgers, parts ledgers, and property, plant, and equipment ledgers.

•    Deduct expense account and TDS later.

Topics and Provisions Cover in TDS in Tally Prime Course

There are many topics covered in TDS in the Tally prime course. In this blog, we have mentioned various topics and provisions which will help you to figure out the knowledge about this course. Here are some topics:

•    What is TDS?

•    How do I configure it to count?

•    How do we maintain the TDS ledger?

•    How do we enable TDS for other books as well?

•    How can TDS be deducted in different ways?

•    How do we deduct TDS by booking expenses on the journal voucher?

•    How do we deduct TDS from the reservation at the time of purchase?

•    If the limit is not exceeded, how is the expense accounted and if exceeded, then how is the TDS deducted?

•    If we don’t want to deduct TDS at the time of booking, how will we deduct it later?

•    How to deduct TDS at a lower rate or zero rates?

•    How to deduct TDS on fixed assets?

•    How can I deduct TDS in advance? 

•    How can I deduct TDS on items in stock?

•    How can TDS be deducted when purchasing software?

•    How can the TDS be partially deducted from the amount?

•    How to invest in TDS?

•    TDS payments

•    TDS Form 26Q

Fundamentals or Basics to Enroll in Right Course

Are you still confused about whether this course is useful to you or not?Then this blog will help you to choose the best course according to your needs.

Before committing to the course, you should understand the benefits of learning TDS through the Tally prime course. These are some of the benefits of this course:

• Knowledge gained through this course helps to increase a person’s salary.

• Increases the number of job opportunities available to people.

• Enables people to start their consulting firm.

• Helps in developing the skills of various taxes, finance and accounting professionals.

Eligibility Criteria to Enroll

Regardless of whether it is the TDS Tally prime certification course, certain parameters have been established that you must meet to proceed with the program. Here are some eligibility criteria to register for this course:

• Must have completed secondary education i.e,10+2 or equivalent (preferably in the trade direction although candidates from any direction may apply).

• Preferably basic knowledge of business administration and accounting.

• You can also apply for this course after you have completed your studies. It will serve as a career boost if you are planning to get a job in the accounting domain.


If you are interested in learning TDS through the Tally prime course then this blog will help you to find the basic knowledge before choosing this prime course. In this blog, you can find the knowledge about the eligibility criteria, topics covered in this program, basics before choosing this course and the knowledge regarding this course. Must read this blog, and get informative knowledge about TDS inTally prime course.