Complete Guide To Buy Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

sapphire stone ring

In today’s Gemstone Jewelry buying guide, we will discuss key things that buyers should keep in mind while buying the colored radiance of sapphires. Picking a rare gemstone is going to be a big investment so you must be well aware of the do’s and don’ts to make an informed decision. Let’s discuss how you can get your hands on the best quality gemstone Rings and can rest assured to get a higher resale value.

What is A Sapphire and What does it Look Like?

You are reading this post because you are probably drooling over a Sapphire Stone Ring and exactly know how does it look like. Those who are clueless about sapphire can read this post to understand everything about this precious gemstone.

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Sapphire is a beautiful, rare and hard gemstone that is blue in colour. It contains translucent shades of blue which are basically crystals of aluminum oxide, the traces of impurities can change the colour of the stone and give it a different hue.

How Can You Tell the Quality of A Sapphire is Genuine?

Gemstone Earrings made with natural sapphire will have some sort of flaws and inclusions. It can be noticed with naked eyes that natural stone would have some flaws, whereas lab created gemstones are smooth and flawless. 

Is It worth Investing in A Natural Sapphire?

Those precious Gemstone Stud Earrings that you were eyeing are a worthy investment. Fine quality untreated sapphires are widely demanded and you can get a great value for your investment in the future. If you are planning to invest in Gemstone Necklaces, try to invest in sapphire over rubies and emeralds, because sapphire is the most sought-after gemstone.

What to Verify When Buying A Sapphire?

The market for Gemstone Fashion Jewelry is huge. There are all sorts of products available to match different budgets. If you are planning to invest in a fine quality sapphire, don’t get confused, just follow the below mentioned points:

  1. Colour purity: Make sure the colour is truly blue. Inclusions change the colour of sapphire and make it less valuable.
  1. Tone: Tone determines how dark or light the blue colour is. Make sure to opt for a medium tone sapphire, these look the best and are sufficiently transparent.
  1. Translucent: Opaque stones are not valuable, make sure to invest in a good translucent piece and always check it in ample light to see the inclusions. 
  1. Treatment: Untreated sapphires are expensive, if you are investing in a stone under 5 carat, you can opt for a treated sapphire. Try to find Sapphires Fashion Rings or necklaces that have diamonds to compliment the blue radiance of a sapphire.

Final words

Sapphire is a rare gemstone that is highly popular among sophisticated fine jewelry buyers. If you are buying sapphire for the first time, no need to get confused, just focus on color and tone, and rest assured you will look stunning wearing nature’s creation. 

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