PRP hair treatment

Have you come across the news about PRP hair treatment? It is a medical treatment that seeks to supply the patient’s body with natural proteins, stem cells, cytokines, and other growth factors. The PRP therapy enhances the regeneration of the body tissues upon its injection in the body. This is one of the most effective ways to use one’s growth factors in repairing and rejuvenating body tissues.

PRP hair treatment

When it was discovered in the 1970s, it predominantly used oral surgery for other orthopedic procedures. By 2009 it had improved after a high-profile individual who was an athlete benefited from it greatly. The PRP therapy has several benefits to its user, including personal healing by restoring the growth of hair. Besides that, it can be used in facial procedures, though when it comes to treating hair loss, it becomes popular in the sense that it has the capability of rectifying hair loss issues.


Here are vital steps you need to undergo to have the PRP therapy as it is the most common approach when it comes to PRP injection to treat hair loss

  • The doctor will draw blood from your body
  • Place the blood in a centrifuge machine.
  • The machine will spin the blood to separate its components
  • The doctor will then extract the platelet with the use of a syringe
  • Finally, the doctor will inject the platelets into the target area of your scalp

The entire procedure should take about one hour because all the sessions are essential. After getting the PRP treatment, one can return to normal daily activities without any kind of limitations.

How does PRP treatment work?

Your blood has two components which include red blood cells and plasma. The plasma component of blood has the white cells and platelet, which contains the growth factors. It is the platelet that helps in stimulating the growth of the hair follicles, which prolongs the phase of the hair cycles. When correctly used, it helps in enhancing the inactive plus the new hair follicles that have been implanted to grow.

 The PRP treatment for the hair is a natural procedure that is both medically and scientifically proven. As a promising non-surgical therapy, it helps solve hair issues for all the patients experiencing loss of hair. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to increase not only hair count but its thickness as well ad that is how it ends up improving the growth of hair.

In a study that took place back in 2014, researchers from India examined men going through male pattern baldness who had no improvement when it came to hair growth. Even though they had employed the use of both Rogaine and Propecia, it did not offer the best solution either. But after dong about four procedures of PRP hair treatment, there was about 30 percent hair growth around the thinning areas. This is a clear indication that PRP hair therapy is a good procedure for hair treatment. 

The PRP hair treatment starts by first getting the blood from your arm, just like you will expect during other usual checkups or blood donation. The drawn blood is put into the machine known as a centrifuge to separate blood layers from having the platelet separated from other blood content.

It is the platelet solution that is injected into the target area to invoke healing. The centrifuge machines work through rapidly spinning your blood content to separate blood plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma has a high content of platelet, which is injected into your head’s scalp, which has the hair follicular levels to enhance the growth of hair.

PRP treatment expectations

Although the PRP results carry, it takes many of the patients about three months to see slight improvement after the therapy. The initial results that one may see are the decreased shedding of the hair, regrowth, and increased length of the hair. The consistency of undergoing the same treatment is important as it stimulates various factors that are associated with the regrowth of hair and stopping them from falling off.

Typically, the injections of the PRP injection happens every month for the first months, then after every three months for about two years. It is important to note that the frequency of getting this injection will entirely depend on the results of an individual, and factors like age, hair loss pattern, genes, and hormone factors are also vital.

While the procedure can be as important as a standalone treatment, it can also help in enhancing the growth of hair. This acts as more fertilizer or enhancer before you acquire the hair transplant procedure that you decide to choose. Both you and your doctor can decide to use the PRP part, which is a prolonged approach when it comes to hair thinning treatment for the hair.


PRP therapy is an effective method to utilize one’s body protein, stem cells, and other growth factors that help in repairing body tissues and rejuvenating the entire body. After it was discovered in the 1970s, the therapy was predominantly used for oral surgery and other procedures such that it earned a high profile around the world after successfully healing well-known athletes.

The most important advantage of this procedure is that it utilizes its healing properties through hair growth restoration. Besides that, there are many other things that it does which has made this treatment popular.

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