Employees do cheat unabashedly and they do it regularly. What’s more, such practices are neither restricted to any particular industry nor limited to any specific country. In fact, businesses lose billions of dollars every year to cases where their own people intentionally work dishonestly or secretly work against the interest of their own organizations. 

And cheating by employee can come in different flavors, including from innocuous sounding cases like deliberately idling away lots of time at work on routine basis to more grave cases like asset misappropriation, data theft, forgery, embezzlement, procurement fraud and procurement fraud etc.   

So, why on earth do most companies either fail to detect such cheating till it’s very late or don’t take appropriate action against the culprit despite knowing about them? Why some organizations don’t show resolve to make public employee in cheating when they can easily hire detectives for the same?     

Well, first thing, detecting employee cheating is not as simple as it looks on the surface such frauds are done meticulously and often in connivance with other staff; and second, most cases are not big in scale and damages are limited to a few hundred dollars which is why the matters is settled internally without involving the police.    

And, above all, most of employee cheating cases are purposely buried within the confines of the organizational walls as if they came out, it might jeopardize the brand or affect the image of the company. But that should never stop organizations from hiring top sleuths of India and take appropriate action against their unscrupulous employee   

Here are some of common types of employee cheating cases – 

Financial Cheating  

Financial cheating in an organization can take many forms be it cases of appropriation of funds, cases of bribery from vendors/suppliers to cases of kickback and commissions from third parties. Employees may also cheat through depositing the party payments into own account, or can purchase low quality product to make money. While cases like cheque forgery or cheque tampering, inventory and case theft are rampant across industry verticals; it’s the manufacturing units are the one that mostly have to bear procurement fraud, fraud through creation of fake supplier and billing the company for even those goods and services never offered.   

Cheating through Dishonest Practices  

Employees can show dishonesty in many ways, including from as simple as to idling away time to a serious one where they can use company funds to make own purchase and then present it as business expenditure. Similarly, some employees may practice dishonesty by deliberately supplying raw materials to only those distributors that they have setting with to earn commission, or may falsely demand due clearance to vendors to serve own interest. And yes, it’s quite common for some employees to supply raw materials to only their relatives or show forged receipts for expense reimbursement. Some may also do business in the name of their wife or sons or other relatives which is a type of cheating.     

Cheating to Benefit Competitor 

Many companies in the IT and software face this problem where their own employee cheat by passing on vital software or product information to competitors in lieu of money or other perks. On the other cases, it’s quite common in most industries to witness cases of theft, pilferage, data stealing by own people with the purpose to benefit competitors.  

Cheating through Parallel Business

Employee cheating can also take the form of running a parallel business or setting up the same type of business with the view to run off with the same customers their organization has. In some cases, employees may also run a parallel employment, particularly those in the marketing department, to sell products or services of other firms or competitors itself.  

Cheating on Medical ground 

Cheating cases done on medical ground are nothing new and they could be found across industries. In such type of cheating, some employee may avail a long sick or medical consultation company leave on condition of some illness or injury but will stay at home doing some other job along the way. In more seriously cases, some employee may falsely claim money on the grounds of showing disability or injury at the workplace. 

Trade Union Involvement 

Although trade union involvement may not necessarily take the form of cheating, in most cases it’s done to harm the interest of the company. Many organizations want an expert team to investigate into their employee’s involvement in trade union activities together with looking into information regarding the backing and funding support – whether political or governmental – such acts get.    

Labour Court Cases 

Some employees take the route of labor court for false compensation, wage and arrears claims. It’s possible to investigate such cases through a private investigator Mumbai and bring forth the falsity or fraud angle involved from the employee side.

By Anurag Rathod

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