Busting 4 Common Myths About Hair Oiling

Hair fall has become the reason for frustration. Presently increasing pollution highly damage our skin and hair. Apart from hair fall, there are many hair problems, including hair breakage, fizziness, scalp infection, and dry hair. Some of people think that oiling is the only solution to every hair problem. However, It is not true as well. Only oiling can’t take care of your hair.

In this article, we are talking about some myths about hair oiling and the actual truth. Read this article to get a clear idea. 

You should not follow the wrong oiling method because it can show a reverse reaction.

Common Myths About Hair Oiling

Myth: 1 Oil your hair regularly to get lustrous hair

The statement is completely wrong. Regular oiling of hair won’t boost hair heath but cultivate dirt, pollution onto the scalp, also increasing sebum production from the sebaceous gland of the scalp. Hair experts also said that any external hair care product can nourish your hair and promotes hair growth. When you pour oils on your hair, it coats each tress of hair which is the reason of silk and shine. That means regular or excess oiling can’t do much. Oiling thrice a week is good and enough. Massage an adequate amount of hair on your scalp, keep it for an hour, then wash it off with shampoo. It is a better procedure. Excess oil attracts dirt and dust, which become the breeding ground of harmful bacteria which cause infection.

Myth: 2 Do not use shampoo after oiling

Our grandmother always suggests to keep oiling regularly and do not shampoo frequently. Because regular shampooing may damage your hair, this is another myth because regular oiling attracts pollution; thus, if you do not use shampoo, your scalp condition will be unclean and infectious. 

The correct process is you should massage oil thrice a week. Massage your favorite oil on your scalp, which boosts blood circulation. Then keep it for 1 hour, and wash it off with mild and chemical-free shampoo conditioner. You also follow a hot towel routine to boost hair health. Oil massage cools down hair. Apart from that, oiling also provides proper hydration, luster. Thus you will get more manageable hair after shampooing.

Chavi Gupta, the Trichologist and cosmetologist, share a review on hair oiling. She said that our scalp already produces enough natural oils through their sebaceous gland. Thus regular oiling is not essential. Instead of that, weekly hair oiling improves blood circulation; thus sebaceous gland functions better.

Myth:3 Only oiling nourishes hair

It is entirely not true that oil nourishes hair and makes your hair grow thicker, darker, and longer. Coconut oil or olive oil hydrate your scalp and make it rejuvenated. But you can notexpect oiling can do everything. It would be best if you had proper shampoo and conditioner to wash it off. For hair growth, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume a nutritional diet as well.

Hair oils include luster and shine to hair. It is not a logical statement. The real fact is that the oil on the hair shines, and the hair shaft becomes greasy. Hair oil works as a scalp conditioner when applying hair oil and keeping it for at least 8 hours. But you have to clean your scalp before you use oil. Oil massage relaxes your mind as well as nerves.

Myth:4 Only oiling can stop hair fall

As we all suffer from hair fall problems, some hair care companies promote their hair oil to completely stop hair fall within “XYZ” days. However, it is a complete myth. A single hair can not stop hair fall and does not promote hair regrowth.

A good hair massage relaxes nerves and cools down your brain. It is a massage for which you feel them relax. Therefore, it is not the credit of hair oil completely. A good massage stimulates blood circulation of your scalp, promoting mild to moderate hair growth levels.

Some people also says that you should not shampoo regularly. There is positively no right timetable for shampooing your hair. Washing your mane is fundamental before it gets grimy! Any other way, particles of grime could harm your hair when you brush it. Cruel items like soap can hurt your hair yet a decent cleanser with conditioner won’t just clean it, it will likewise work on the surface and sparkle anyway regularly you wash it. for example, if you have slick hair, shampooing consistently is important to keep the scalp without grime. The key here is to observe the right cleanser for your hair type.

One hundred strokes of brushing is also a myth, along with hair oiling. According to Trichologist, brushing your hair only increase blood circulation in your scalp. However, you don’t need to brush your hair till 100 strokes because it may hurt your scalp.

However, if you are going through intense hair fall and pattern baldness, then hair oiling can’t do anything. In this situation, you have to get assistance from a certified and experienced hair transplant surgeon of┬áthe best hair transplant in Dubai.

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