Common Car Noises and Their Causes

Common Car Noises

Cars are more than a soulmate to men. This statement may not seem very comforting but real men will get it right in the softest part of their hearts. And when these cars sometimes feel sick and need a doctor, the right person who definitely feels for his car noises will wait no longer and rush to the nearest mechanic.

Waking up from a dream

Imagine living in a master-planned community like Woodlands in the Texas state and owning a car of your dreams. Life’s good until your car needs an oil change. Now that’s not a big job to get done but you still just can’t procrastinate over it as you love your car. Searching for the best oil change in The Woodlands TX is not a big enough challenge but you cannot compromise in any way because you feel for your car. Asking some people in the field or some friends who could refer to some of the best oil change stations in Woodlands TX. Then finally you find someone and get the job done.

This is a small problem that arises in a car just so that the date for an oil change has arrived. The bigger problems relating to the engine, suspension, alignment, brakes, and most importantly if the car crashes can run down tears from a man’s eyes. Hard to believe in some societies but men really cry at situations like these.

Car cries

A nightmare is when you start your car noises in the morning with a fresh mind. And your mind is fresh enough to notice any new sound that your car has been producing for you do not exactly know how long so you notice there is some inspection needed. A squirreling sound when you push the accelerator which is quite irritating is one of those noises that arise in every other car because of the rubber belt which is slipping on the metal pulley. Improper tension may cause the slipping as it gets old and the surface has become glazed, cracked, or brittle.

Going over 80 miles per hour speed and suddenly you had to push the brakes hard, it sometimes gets a very squealing, grinding or growling kind of a sound which may indicate something wrong about the brakes. It may be a signal that brake pads are worn and metal is touching metal. This is a serious problem that affects brakes.

Another not so happy moment is when you turn your car and it makes a finger-snapping, popping, or clicking sound. This often means that either one or both of the constant velocity joints or CV joints of the front axle needs to be replaced. Another problem that is like this one is when a sound speeds up with the pace of the car. This could be pointing to the universal joint or U-joint. These are in pairs and are the components of the driveshaft. A mechanic needs to be called as soon as possible.

Another mini heart attack occurs when the car noises starts to sing. This means that bearings are not fulfilling their jobs perfectly. It occurs in both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive cars. And this is not an issue that can be fixed tomorrow. This is one of those issues that can be fatal. This one is advised to get fixed as soon as possible.

Another bad day can dawn when you hear clunking, tapping, or banging sound from the hood. This often means that the valves are having a serious problem. Piston rings or connecting rods can also cause such a sound. Whatever the issue, a checkup is needed.

The squealing sound produced under the hood when the engine starts or acceleration is produced can mean that accessory belts that drive the air conditioner compressor and power steering pump is loose or worn out. With the new cars, it may mean the serpentine belt has some issues. Whether new or old it needs treatment.

Last but the most apocalyptic sound is when the car bangs into another car and that too very hard. This is the time when the kid inside you dies and the real test begins. As holding back tears and fighting with the other person who crashed to justify how he is wrong and you are not is a real job of a man. It is funny but on a serious note very heartbreaking.


Not all heroes wear capes, as the saviors of the day are the people who fix cars. Some people will enter paradise without a single question being asked. I always wondered who they will be? Who would be so great? Now I know that these mechanics are the ones who take good wishes from the people whose cars they fix.

Not to lie some people live just to ride. As a famous quote goes, “Men love women, but most importantly, men love cars”.

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