The 4 Common BMW B58 Engine Problems

bmw b58 engine problems

In this article, we are going to discuss the common problems of the BMW B58 engine. These problems lead to engine failure. In case of occurring failure, you can choose the replacement with used components. Let us discuss the 4 common engines problems. 

1 Coolant loss

The odd thing is – the coolant misfortune hasn’t actually been pinpointed to a particular reason or fundamental issue. Of course, some have encountered different breaks from gaskets, water siphon disappointments, super issues, and so on Notwithstanding, a ton of B58 proprietors experience coolant misfortune with no apparent breaks or different issues. The following are a couple of indications and things to pay special attention to in the event that you’re losing coolant.

bmw b58 engine problems

Alright, there are a couple of things to this.”Normal” is in citations which is as it should be. There definitely should be no such thing as normal coolant misfortune. The B58’s cooling framework is compressed and, accordingly, is a water/airproof plan. Nonetheless, the cap is intended to vent strain should the cooling framework become over-compressed. It’s truly conceivable the B58 coolant tank covers are not adequately impermeable.

Coolant loss fix

The truth will surface eventually assuming there are hidden issues with the B58 cooling framework that are causing coolant misfortune. For the present, it shows that most instances of coolant misfortune can be ascribed to “regular” misfortune. Assuming that you’re losing coolant gradually then it most likely doesn’t warrant a lot of concern. You could take a stab at supplanting the cap to check whether that has a constructive outcome. In any case, assuming you’re losing coolant and fixing up every now and again then it merits looking further into. Check for any apparent holes or potentially pressure test the framework.

2 Valve cover Gasket 

All things considered, similar to the entirety of the cutting edge, super BMW motors, the valve cover gasket is made of elastic. Accordingly, we presume the B58 valve cover and gasket to continue in the strides of the N54 and N55. Be ready for potential B58 oil spills from the valve cover gasket. These breaks usually create around 70,000 to 100,000 miles. Plastic valve covers are additionally inclined to breaking and spilling over the long run, however more uncommon than the gasket. Presently, we left out some possibly encouraging data. Although the B58 utilizes comparative elastic Vcgs, the motor enjoys one benefit. One significant enemy of gaskets is the consistent warming and cooling cycles they’re exposed to. This is the place where the B58’s hotness epitome framework might become possibly the most important factor. It can trap heat for up to around a day and a half. Accordingly, the B58 gaskets ought to be exposed to less uncommon temperature changes. This might assist with the life span. We question whether this will absolutely dispose of valve cover gasket oil spills, yet it might get some additional time.

You shouldn’t see any B58 drive-capacity issues with a spilling valve cover and additional gasket. You might see consuming oil smells in the lodge. Smoke from the valve cover region is normal assuming the break is adequately terrible. Minor breaks may not deliver sufficient smoke to take note. Unnecessary oil on the flash fittings is regularly an obvious hint that the VC or VGC are spilling.

3 Oil Filter “Deteriorating”

We were astounded to observe this isn’t extraordinary on other BMW motors, as well. The B58 oil channel is inclined to shear at the base. This leaves a piece of the oil channel trapped in the lower part of the oil channel lodging. Under guarantee, a few sellers go to the extent of supplanting the whole oil channel lodging. Be that as it may, this may not be essential as a rule. You might have the option to utilize forceps (or anything to get the stuck channel) and haul it out. However, on the off chance that your B58 is under guarantee, you should push for another oil channel lodging if conceivable.

As referenced, this shouldn’t be an enormous arrangement much of the time. You ought to supplant the B58 oil channel with each oil change, at any rate. On the off chance that you’re ready to take out the messed up channel then, at that point, assess and clean any trash. In any case, assuming the channel is as yet stuck or you harm the lodging all the while, you’ll be taking a gander at another B58 oil channel lodging. Continue with the oil change as typical. Be that as it may, there is another thing. We suggest replacing the oil sooner. This isn’t totally important yet will assist with getting any conceivable channel garbage out of the oil.

4 Vanos solenoids

Vanos is BMW’s wording for VVT, or variable valve timing. Since the time BMW delivered the VANOS framework in 1992 this has been a typical issue and upkeep thing. Luckily, VANOS issues on current super BMW motors are regularly bound to the VANOS solenoids. Solenoids are moderately modest and simple to supplant. In any case, this is one trick on the B58.

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