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Are you aware of the fact that cleanliness of the HVAC will have a direct impact on a budget of utility bills that your business is paying? It won’t be surprising for most of you to know that commercial air duct cleaning is one of the most effective methods to manage the utility costs.

If your air ducts are blocked with dirt and debris, then it is certain that the HVAC unit will not perform to its fullest. Whatever performance you are getting from, it requires it to work extra than usual. Only this way, it will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in the area. The US Section of Energy has stated that 25-40% of the energy consumed by customers gets wasted because of blocked air ducts. After reading these facts, you should be sure about the fact that HVAC cleaning should be your top priority when it comes to annual budget planning for homeowners as well as commercial buildings.

What is HVAC Cleaning?

The air that reaches you in your room to cool or warm the area carries through ductwork. However, when these ducts are full of dust and contaminants, the cold and warm air is unable to reach you because its path is blocked by other things such as dust, mites, mould and many other things that you cannot even imagine.

Commercial HVAC cleaning is a cleaning service that is a forced-air-HVAC system. With thorough cleaning, we can get rid of particles, mould and buildup that gathers across the network. It’s not only the visible parts cleaned, but a professional commercial duct technician can access all the components of the system. Following are the elements that are accessed by the certified technician through special equipment.

  • Motor and fan housing
  • Supply and return ducts
  • Diffusers and grilles
  • Drain or drip pans
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cooling and heating coils
  • Unit housing
  • Internal ducts

It is significant to ensure that you hire a technician who offers a comprehensive package that includes a thorough cleaning of all the components. You can do complete research on the service provider because saving money with the service provider will not be beneficial in the long term.

Importance of Ductwork cleaning

We have talked about HVAC cleaning, but we are still not sure why is it so important for homeowners as well as commercial building owners. It’s hard to see the dirt and dust that builds up in the ductwork, but you know what you are breathing those airborne particles that push through the forced air system.

It is essential to know that the cleaning services prove to be highly beneficial when you have people with allergies or health issues around. When it comes to a commercial building, customers are bound to have these health issues along with employees that are working in the area.

Moreover, when you clear the forced air system of the buildup and dirt, it can prove to be beneficial and assist in improving the air quality. Furthermore, with a thorough cleaning of air conditioners, you will notice that there is a significant improvement in the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of the system. When you hire a professional technician, he will use specialized tools to dislodge the debris and dirt which are ultimately sucked out with the help of a high-powered vacuum.

What is the right time for getting HVAC cleaned?

It is a question that most of the readers ask, but they should know that there is no specific answer to it. It is so because situation and condition vary from house to house and building to building; thus, a particular answer could only be given after a thorough inspection from a certified professional inspector.

It is fundamental to preserve a healthy work environment for employees. The frequency of commercial air duct cleaning is highly dependent upon the circumstance of the building. Therefore, it is tough to give a specific duration without doing a proper inspection of the ductwork. If you are looking for an individual recommendation, then you need to book a cleaning service so that you could decide when to get it cleaned.

Talking about the general rule of thumb, a full ductwork and air handling system should go through proper cleaning and inspection at least once every year. This rule of thumb is applicable for industrial, commercial and healthcare buildings. However, it is smart to have a detailed conversation with the service provider so that you can ensure that if you need unique circumstances or a custom cleaning plan because of your situation.

Useful tips for locating the perfect Commercial Duct Cleaning Company

When it comes to discovering the spot-on enterprise, you need to research a little so that you don’t get into a scam. Each building has its unique traits, and it is one of the biggest reason due to which you must hire an inspection service and determine the specific services that are essential for the system installed in your house.

Before you appoint anyone for the contract, make sure that you are hiring them from a reputable company and you are aware of the company’s history. Moreover, it is also essential that you verify their training, certificates, insurance and other necessary details.

Heating and cooling unit cleaning is a technical task; thus, people with proper training and certification must get the job. Suppose you don’t verify the credentials and training and hire a non-professional. In that case, you might have to lose your HVAC system because it is a sensitive machine that could only be serviced by professionals.

So, without wasting a single moment, pick up the phone and take quotes from different service providers and call them for inspection? After verification of their certificates and training, you can hire them for the job. Never get into the scam of special offers that provide something extra or costs less. In such special requests, you might get untrained professionals that may ruin your HVAC unit.

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