How You Can Contribute To The Commerce Economy

commerce economy

Commerce courses are extremely popular after students complete their higher secondary examinations. Ever wondered why? Business and commercial skills are necessary factors for the profit-driven economy

To sell any kind of a commodity, the right kind of skills and attitude are very important. Commerce courses teach students how to  use these skills in their future careers. Overall, it is a very good decision to opt for B.Com as the job opportunities are very high after graduation. This is one of the reasons why students opt for commerce colleges.

B.Com is a three-year undergraduate course. The course curriculum is designed in a way that helps students understand the various concepts related to commerce skills like accounting, finance, taxation and others. CVRU Bihar offers students the opportunity to do this course in both distance and regular mode of education.

There are a lot of career opportunities after doing B.Com, here we can look at some of them.

  1. MBA- When it comes to higher education, this is the first option students go for after graduation. Not only is it popular with students of commerce but also with students belonging to other streams. In this course, a student learns how to run and manage all the aspects of a business based on the specialization that they choose. For doing an MBA one would need to clear the CAT examination, and admission into any university is based on those scores.
  2. Chartered Accountancy: This is the most popular career choice for students who have completed graduation in B.Com. One can go ahead and form their own CA firm after completion and the salary is also very high.
  3. Company secretary- The CS role is very pivotal to any organization. The CS is responsible for handling all the legal aspects of any firm. They usually take care of the tax returns in a company. To be eligible for this role, one must complete studying corporate law after studying B.Com.
  4. Master of Commerce (M.Com)- Masters in the field of commerce is a two-year degree course. It can be obtained from any good university in India. CVRU is a very good choice for this course. This course helps a student master the concepts they learnt in B.Com and use them in the professional world.
  5. Financial Risk Manager- A Financial Risk Manager assesses and analyzes potential risks and threats to a company’s assets, earning capacity and performance or successes in the market. They work in sales, private banking, loan origination, trading, marketing and financial services.
  6. Certified financial planner- This is another great option. A financial planner offers services to their clients like investment plans, insurance decisions, tax issues and personalized financial advice. They also offer advice on retirement plans.

These are just some of the career opportunities that await a student after they complete their education in B.Com. It is a very good idea to go for this course if one is interested in business website and has a penchant for financial knowledge.

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