3 reasons why Cloud Archiving is appropriate for a law firm’s long term data retention

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If you belong to a busy law firm then you manage a lot of clients, cases, employees, documents, deadlines and much more. Managing this all stuff is highly difficult for you. As your practice grows your arms around grows more. In this case the IT department can either be an edge or liability. Each case matters and you want to keep record each case in your data base. Having a limited storage is the biggest mistake. Manually archiving data is a pain. May be you are using cloud storage solutions, but you have not used cloud archiving for your better and easy archiving

data retention

Let’s dive in and understand, why law firms should use cloud archiving for long term data retention.

Cloud Archiving for law firm long term data retention

Managing data and IT is something they don’t teach you in law school. You require a smart team to manage your mission critical, valuable and highly secure data. You require an infrastructure that is secure, reliable, automated, compliant, fast and scalable. These all traits are available in one solution that is cloud archiving along with cloud storage gateway. So, what is a deal with cloud archiving along with cloud storage gateway. Cloud archiving provides secure, reliable, complaint solution to move your data between clouds and cloud gateway provides fast and secure data transfer.

Traditional solutions require a lot of maintenance, both proactive and reactive. A cloud archiving platform reduces your challenges and allows you to reduce your costs as well. With a single platform your life becomes exponentially simpler. You get an automated solution to provide you enterprise level features to manage your archival storage.

Three reasons why cloud archiving has an edge:

Constant availability:

Since you can’t predict what you need next. Law firms have to be high at their pace. The cloud archiving offers features which allow you to have constant availability. 

Simple and secure:

Cloud archiving solutions provide the solutions which are simple and secure at the same time. The rapid adaption and flexibility is provided by the cloud platforms.

Data efficiency:

When data grows the efficient management is the key to this. The automated cloud storage solutions allow you to have efficient management of your data.

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