CJ Daly the Author of Academy Saga

CJ Daly

CJ Daly was raised on the rough plains of Eastern New Mexico. She was slipping among dusty haystacks to read when she was meant to be assisting her six siblings with chores on the family ranch. And want to become a writer. She persuaded her dream of writing even after facing multiple ups and downs in life, keeping her writing passion alive was always her dream.

CJ relocated to Big D after graduating from high school, where she swiftly put herself through college while attempting to lose her rural accent. She fared better in college, earning a “Magna cum laude” degree in English literature. She started writing seriously after teaching for a few years

The Academy Saga” was written a few years later. It quickly received a Readers’ Favorite 5-STAR rating and became an Amazon best seller.

CJ Daly

There is a mystery surrounding Kate’s mother, and more will undoubtedly be revealed about her in future novels, but the greatest mystery is why she married a bible-crazed guy who does not seem to do any job and is terrible to his children. Presumably, she needed a safe haven, and he was the only port of call in a storm?

When she isn’t writing, you can find her racing from one sports field to the next, feeding the many wild creatures that come to her back door, or sitting back with her gal buddies to drink cocktails and gab about favourite novels and TV episodes.

Often readers are constantly on the lookout for new local talent! It’s a rare feeling to realise that someone living so near has done something as substantial and interesting as authoring a book. CJ Daly, a writer, steps in with her Academy Saga, she not only capitalises on the popularity of young adult serial fiction, but she also illustrates that the genre isn’t exclusively for youngsters anymore. She brings us to characters that leap off the page and into readers hearts in this engrossing new epic. And once you start reading The Academy, the first book in the series, it is assured that you will not be able to put it down.

CJ Daly once added “I’m frequently at a loss for words when people ask me how I came up with The Academy Saga. (This is unfortunate for me since I am a writer.) I mean, I’d studied English and creative writing in college and had graduated with honours, so I knew how to weave a decent yarn. But it’s practically hard to earn a job as a writer right out of college, so I invested additional time and money in becoming a certified teacher.

After a hilarious time attempting to persuade seventh graders to appreciate non-rhyming poetry, I left to have kids and write the book that had been circling in my mind. Unfortunately, I discovered that infants and books don’t go along as well as wine and me-time, so I put my ankle-biters on hold as they grew into school-age children.”

She further added, “When my last child left for school, I opened my brand-new laptop, grabbed my obligatory Starbucks, and locked myself up in my husband’s office, ecstatic to finally be embarking on my book adventure. I had combined my love of writing with my interest in occult talents, preoccupation with elite military, and love of romance. But, no matter how hard I tried, the characters seemed to have different plans. They were so demanding that I ultimately threw away my plan and let the characters take control.

And, oh, am I happy I did! That’s when the narrative took a turn for the better. Sometimes I think I’m merely a mystical gateway through which the narrative enters. The characters and The Academy World have become so real to me that it seems like I’m living in a parallel reality half of the time. And, no matter how exhausted I am, when the characters pull on my sleeve late at night, I surrender and stagger to my laptop to pound out the scenario they’re trying to show me. It’s almost as though you’re living with ghosts! But it’s never monotonous, and I’m never lonely. So, if you come knocking on my door, it could take me a minute to blink back to reality… because what’s going on at The Academy is much more exciting and entertaining.”

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