What Will Christmas in Dubai 2022 Look Like? A Guide You’ll Need!

christmas in dubai

Welcome to the season of glitter, may your heart be filled with the enormous joy and peace that permeates the air this year. Christmas in Dubai 2022 comes alive with lights and bells, making it one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year.

Christmas and New Year in Dubai 2022 are amazing times for international visitors. This is because they mark the beginning of a new calendar year! And it’s also a time to rejoice and look forward to the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

The Christmas atmosphere in Dubai is full of glitz and glitter, and visitors should not miss it. Tourists from all over the world apply for a Dubai visa so that they can participate in the city’s celebrations and bring home a wealth of happy memories.

Many holidaymakers are starting to wonder what Christmas is like in Dubai now that Christmas Eve is almost here. Here are a handful of the Christmastime highlights you won’t want to miss in Dubai:

Here’s what Christmas in Dubai 2022 will look like!

1.  Pleasant Weather during Dubai Xmas Time

December is typically characterised by cold temperatures and snowfall in many places of the world. The temperature in Dubai is moderate enough that even the winters are bearable.

Dubai’s beaches see plenty of visitors because of the city’s consistently pleasant weather. So, if you’re thinking about spending Christmas in Dubai 2022, you should know that the weather will be warm and sunny.

Those who are tired of spending Christmas bundled up in blankets and scarves can finally relax and take advantage of the holiday’s bright weather. Their fantasy Christmas Eve would involve a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and a warm, sunny beach.

2.  You can enjoy Dubai Xmas Watching Movies at Zero Gravity Beach Club

It’s not appealing to sit at home and watch a holiday movie. Seeing a holiday film on the big screen is a terrific way to improve the experience.

Dubai’s Zero Gravity Beach Club boasts a wide range of holiday movies shown on the big screen. Watching these movies with loved ones is a great way to celebrate Christmas in Dubai 2022. Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone, and The Holiday are just a few of the Christmas-themed movies that are included.

Among these films are comedies for both adults and children that centre on the holiday season. All your friends and family can gather on the sand to watch these movies with you!

3.  Visit Habtoor Palace – One of the Best Places in Dubai For Christmas

Dubai’s weather can take a turn for the wintry on Christmas Day, so you don’t have to spend the holiday baking in the heat. 

To better accommodate visitors from all over the world, the gardens of Habtoor Palace are turned into a Magical Winter Garden. Those who bear Dubai’s year-round heat and humidity will appreciate this chilly place!

Visitors can explore a variety of shops, sample cuisine from around the world, and enjoy numerous entertainment options at the Magical Winter Garden.

From November through March, the gardens of the Habtoor Palace are decked out for the holidays. During the many Christmas celebrations, people come to the Magical Winter Garden to spend time with their loved ones.

It’s a winter wonderland, all decked up in stunning decorations and offering a wide variety of exciting experiences to its guests. From November through March, the hours are 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

4.  Shop till you drop at Bab Al Shams during Christmas Trip in Dubai

When Christmas in Dubai 2022 arrives, the desert resort of Bab Al Shams transforms into a merry market. This makeover serves as a sort of Christmas festival for the Christian population that visits or lives in Dubai over the holiday season.

The holiday markets in Dubai’s Bab Al Shams desert resort provide every conceivable kind of present imaginable. The fun-filled celebration will last for 12 days, from December 10th to the 21st.

The visitors at the Dubai desert resort Bab Al Shams may:

  • take in the sights of a 40-foot Christmas tree
  • Explore kiosks selling mulled wine, lip-smacking hot chocolate, holiday sweets & mulled grapes
  • Traditional and festive meals
  • and, most significantly, a Christmas-themed buffet.

Santa Claus will be visiting the Bab Al Shams resort in the Dubai desert, and the kids will absolutely enjoy it.

5.  Take Part in Gingerbread House Workshops

One of the top interactive Things to Do and Festive Events 2022 during Christmas is taking part in Gingerbread workshops.

The gingerbread house is a staple of Christmas in Dubai 2022 celebrations. The gingerbread creations that are shown over the holiday season are a hit with visitors of all ages. At Raffles Salon, the chefs host Gingerbread House Making Workshops, where they show kids how to design and construct their very own gingerbread homes. At this session, young participants will construct and ice a gingerbread house, and then fill it with treats.

6.  Visit Chic Mina Brasserie Terrace – For a Delicious Christmas Eve Dinner

The Chic Mina Brasserie Terrace is the perfect spot to go if you and your significant other are looking for some peace and quiet to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

A winter terrace with elaborately sculpted trees and leafy walls. The patio receives some special Christmas decorations in the month of December, transforming it into a wintry paradise.

Fairy lights adorn the terrace walls, and white lights, candles, and soft blankets adorn the tables. Guests are encouraged to share the tasty fare, drinks, and desserts provided to them on the unique brasserie-style plates. The holiday dinnerware is a special creation by Chef Michael Mina.

7.  Head over to Ski Dubai – Celebrate Christmas Festival in Snow!

Ski Dubai, like Habtoor Place’s Magical Winter Garden, features a snowy winter setting perfect for the holiday season. Ski Dubai is a year-round winter resort where visitors may enjoy a variety of snow-based activities. In the month of December, Ski Dubai transforms into a magical snow wonderland perfect for a Christmas vacation.

A 40-foot-tall lit Christmas tree greets visitors! Apart from that, holidaymakers can indulge in seasonal delights like mince pies and gingerbread penguins while taking in the sights.

Kids can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience by meeting Santa himself. In addition, the cinema in Ski Dubai is showing all the best holiday films!

8.  Celebrate Christmas festive season in Dubai in a Church

Although Dubai is a predominantly Muslim city, it is home to people from many other cultures and countries. It values different faiths and Christianity is of them.

Thus, the city of Dubai is spread out with various places of Christian worship, especially churches.

If you’re looking for a large church in Dubai, go no further than St. Mary’s in Oud Metha. The church sees a lot of traffic on Christmas Eve. The St. Francis Church is another well-known Dubai place of worship.

All you need is a Dubai visa online for Christmas! Once you get it, simply book your tickets and jet off to Dubai to experience an amazing Christmas in Dubai 2022!


  1. Where can I enjoy a delicious Christmas Dinner Dubai?

Atlantis, the Palm boasts some amazing restaurants that serve mouth-watering food in lavish settings. Simply book a table and enjoy a memorable Christmas Eve Dinner.

Yes, you will need to apply for an online Dubai visa if you are not a resident of the UAE. However, there are a few countries that can avail visa on arrival. But, if you don’t belong to those countries then you need to get a visa to enjoy a hassle-free trip.

  • Can I extend my Dubai visa to stay till New Year’s Eve or beyond?

If your visa is expiring before New Year’s Eve or beyond then you may be able to extend your visa. Simply connect with the local authorities to get your tourist visa extended.

  • Where should I go for Christmas in Dubai?

Dubai has some of the best places on the planet for Christmas which might spoil you for choice. However, some places where you can enjoy Christmas are the Global Village, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall & Bab Al Shams.