Top Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Suit

wedding suit

The wedding will be one of the most beautiful days of your life. That’s why it’s essential that you pick out a suit that will make you look and feel as handsome as you are. People think that choosing a wedding dress is challenging, but grooms have just as challenging a task. Do you know what colour flatters you? Have you found your perfect fit? Will you need a tailor to make the suit because you’re too tall to fit in standard pre-made wedding suits? All of that is undetermined, and if you’re unsure of the right wedding suit pick, check out the following tips.

Know your colours

First and foremost, pick a suit colour. Before you say that a burgundy suit will be your choice, you need to consider the level of formality of your wedding. Is it a black-tie event or is black-tie optional? Always consult with the bride-to-be to avoid stressing both of you out. Navy blue, different shades of grey, sandy beige, and black suits are among the top choices for formal weddings. Remember that you can wear those colours at any future formal event, so it’s worth investing in a suit that will serve you for years after.

Know your fit

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect suit is the suit cut. Are you slim, or is your body slightly muscular? Slim, classic, and modern are the three cuts that the majority of men choose for their suits. The slim cut will hug the body more than the other two cuts would. Slim cuts are ideal for thin figures because they won’t restrict the body as it stays very tight to the body. The jacket features narrow shoulders and a snug chest area. If you like slim and straight trousers that is the perfect cut for you. A classic cut makes you feel freer, as it features a generous chest and waist room. It fits along the contours of your body but not as much as the slim cut does. Classic fit suits should not look baggy even though they are not form-fitting. When it comes to modern cut, it’s something in between the slim and classic. Modern fit is still snug but not as body-hugging as a slim-fit cut.

Hire a wedding suit tailor

When neither of the three fits suits your body, it’s time to take the matter into your hands. Looking for a wedding suit tailor with plenty of experience and expertise will be the next best option. They will make the suit according to your measurements, making it look flawless on you. You can come in as many tryouts as needed until the wedding suit looks the way you imagined it to. The tailor will also help you choose an appropriate colour, fit, and fabric so you feel comfortable and proud to wear a custom-made wedding suit.

Consider the season

One of the most significant factors that affect the choice of a suit is the weather. Are you getting married in mid-July or early October? A three-piece suit is a good choice for winter weddings and cooler months like March or November. For autumn and winter weddings, it’s best to go with a heavier fabric like wool or wool blend. A good option for both fall and winter weddings is a three-piece suit. Tweed will also look dashing and keep you warm in cooler months. Plus, it adds a dose of sophistication to the mix. For winter nuptials, a dark velvet suit will be the ultimate luxury choice. Light wool will do great for spring or early summer weddings when it’s not too warm. Stick to a two-piece and choose a silk blend for a summer wedding.

Wedding location matters

Are you tying the know at a beach or an elegant ballroom? Choose the suit accordingly so your outfit doesn’t clash with the ambience. A beach wedding is more casual, meaning you can go in a linen wedding suit. That will make a summer wedding more pleasant thanks to the ultra-lightweight linen that will allow your body to breathe. For indoor weddings, choose two or three-piece suits or a tuxedo for a black-tie event.

If you’re having trouble picking the right suit for your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place. Read through our suggestions carefully, and you’ll know what type of suit you choose for the big day and make you and your future spouse happy.