How To Choose A Thoughtful Gift

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It seems that every month there’s an occasion for a gift, whether it’s a holiday such as Christmas, or an anniversary, birthday, graduation, expression of gratitude, and on. And, everyone typically wants to choose thoughtful gifts that mean something and will be appreciated. But, the question is how do you choose a meaningful gift?

Gift giving is certainly a very subjective matter and there’s no ideal formula that can tell you how to find the “perfect gift”. However, there are certain aspects you can bear in mind that can be helpful, such as how well you know the person, if the gift offers validation, what the occasion is, and what the story behind everything is etc.

Admittedly, the definition of a thoughtful gift is broad, but not every gift has to incorporate all the elements. At least try to make the best combination you can at the given moment.                                                                                                                                                           

Know the person

Gift giving is an expression of the way you see the person, how truly well you know them and what it is that they want. When you’re exchanging gifts, the most important thing is showing that you care so it’s crucial you tailor the gift accordingly. For instance, research shows that people who aim to get thoughtful gifts, never buy the same gift for two different friends, even if they don’t know each other.

Also, when choosing a gift, don’t think about what you like and want, but rather focus on what the recipient would really want to get.

Make the present an event

Make it a big deal when you’re giving the gift rather than just hand it over. Be creative, complicate things a bit and make it an event. Why shouldn’t everyone have some fun while gift-giving and receiving?

For instance, instead of just handing over the gift, make it a scavenger hunt in the garden. If your friend loves flowers, you can opt for a long-lasting rose that you can hide among the backyard greenery and send your friend off for a hunt. Or, you can come up with a riddle in the gift card and the solution would lead them to a gift card code. You can even sew the gift inside a decorative pillow or a stuffed animal so your friend would need to “perform” a surgery to get to it!

You should never underestimate the pure joy and fun of unwrapping gifts!

Make it funny and unexpected

For you avid reader of a friend, you can gift a Kindle but hide inside some dull and uninspiring autobiography. If they love certain vegetables or fruit, present them with 20 kilos of it! Even more, give your friend a check for an insane sum of money but in a presently defunct currency of some foreign country!

Include yourself

It’s can be very thoughtful to make gift-giving a bit personal but with a twist— personalize the gift from you rather than for them. Make something yourself – an art piece, original song, knitted scarf etc.  Combine it with some of the previously mentioned stuff and you’ll get a unique, ultra-personalised, thoughtful gift.

Be charitable

In cases when your friends practically have everything they might need, find out what they’re passionate about and make a donation to that cause. If you know they’ve volunteered before, donate to that organisation. There are many charities you can pick that work for various noble causes so whatever you do, you’ll be doing a good deed and you will make your friend feel proud.

Give experiences, not objects

Among the golden rules of gift-giving is to give experiences rather than things. When people get experiential gifts rather than material items, they generally feel a deeper connection with the giver. Such a gift could be a concert ticket, a trip or even a day at the spa. The two of you don’t have to share the gift necessarily but the bond between you will surely be stronger.

Experiential gifts are especially thoughtful and meaningful for kids. They are bound to feel a stronger connection to you when they build memories rather than stack material gifts in their room.

As the latest research shows, most people, over 96% of them, will rather value the thought behind a gift than the gift itself. A gift that is chosen in a loving and careful manner and given will surely celebrate and deepen the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

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