Choose the Best Car in Your Budget by Following These Tips

used cars in pune

Opting for second-hand cars instead of brand new ones is currently all the rage, with more and more people finding second-hand options much more efficient. As a result of this demand, you can find pretty much any car model in the industry at a second-hand variant, at peak condition. It saves you a lot of money in the long run, giving you much more flexibility if you ever feel the need to upgrade your car. However, it is no hidden fact that along with the good deals for used cars in Pune, Mumbai, etc., the market is full of uncertified dealers just looking for an opportunity to pull you into a scam. Therefore, it is essential to ensure you’ve done your part in inspecting the car before finalising any deal.

Ensuring you’re buying from a certified dealer is also essential to get the most affordable deal. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when looking for used cars in Pune:

  • Safety Features: Safety features are an essential part of any car, even more than comfort levels. Any car is required to have necessary safety features such as reverse parking sensors, ABS, and dual airbags. Along with these features, you should look for additional ones like electronic stability control, autonomous emergency braking, child safety features, etc.
  • Diesel or Petrol: This is a question every aspiring car owner is bound to ponder upon, and the answer entirely depends upon your needs. A diesel engine is known to cost higher than a petrol one, but diesel also provides higher fuel economy and efficiency, regardless of the slight difference between the costs of these two fuels. So, if you intend to use your car regularly, a diesel one is better suited for you whereas petrol is ideal for light usage.
  • Resale Value: Cars are mainly depreciating assets; this is one of the main factors contributing to the highly affordable prices of used cars. Similarly, when buying a second-hand car, you also have to consider its resale value, so when you want to upgrade, you’ll get a decent amount back for selling your used car.
  • Car Insurance: Most used cars will already have insurance, so you need to ask the dealer to transfer the papers in your name and other documents like registration certificates. As for the car insurance, inspect the papers thoroughly to know how long you have before the insurance needs to be renewed.
  • Vehicle History Report: Make sure you go through the vehicle history report of your automobile to get a better understanding of past servicing records, maintenance history, if the car has gotten into any accidents, etc. This will give you proper knowledge of your car.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can rest assured you’ll be getting yourself a great deal. Look for used cars in Pune and other cities from Spinny, India’s full-stack used car platform.

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